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Stargate SG-1 Season Five Episode Guides

5.01 "Enemies Part 2"
Barely escaping a destructive supernova, SG-1 is surprised to learn that Teal'c also survived and is now under the mind control of the maniacal Apophis. Will SG-1 be able to rescue Teal'c from the clutches of Apophis or will they perish trying?

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5.02 "Threshold"
Teal'c may have been rescued from the evil Apophis but his mind remains loyal to his old master. Bra'tac suggests an ancient Jaffa ritual called M'al Sharran, a process which could bring Teal'c back to his senses…or end his life!

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5.03 "Ascension"
While investigating an alien device, Carter is found unconscious. Resting from suspected exhaustion, she is visited by an invisible being who holds vital secrets to the device and the catastrophe it may cause.

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5.04 "The Fifth Man"
O'Neill stays behind on an alien world to tend to the wounded Lt. Tyler, the latest member of SG-1. But when the rest of the team returns to the command center, they discover that Lt. Tyler doesn't exist! Will this latest case of alien mind games close SGC down for good?

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5.05 "Red Sky"
SG-1 is welcomed on K'Tau by the planet's religious leader, who takes the reddening sky concurrent with their arrival as a sign from their gods. What he doesn't know is that the reddish color is a reaction caused by the wormhole, signaling the planet's impending doom!

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5.06 "Rite Of Passage"
On the eve of her birthday, Cassandra is showing signs of "mind fire," a powerful electromagnetic field triggered at puberty. Now SG-1 must find a cure to stop the life-threatening changes before she destroys herself…and the command center!

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5.07 "Beast Of Burden"
Daniel's Unas friend, Chaka, is captured by a preindustrial civilization that uses Unas as slaves. While attempting to free Chaka from this cruel regime, Daniel risks the safety of SG-1, and possibly the life of his friend.

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5.08 "The Tomb"
On a rescue mission to recover Russian solders believed missing in action on a previously undisclosed trip, SG-1 gets trapped in a Goa'uld tomb with a number of decomposed bodies…and a deadly alien monster with an appetite for human flesh!

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5.09 "Between Two Fires"
The SG-1 team is surprised to discover that the advanced Tollans have reversed their policy on sharing technology and are now willing to trade advanced weaponry with Earth. But the deal seems too good to be true when SG-1 learns of the Goa'uld's involvement.

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5.10 "2001"
SG-1 meets an advanced race who are finally willing to share their technology freely with Earth, but as negotiations continue, the team and Hammond have reason to doubt whether Aschen are all that they seem.

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5.11 "Desperate Measures"
Carter is abducted by a reclusive billionaire who wants to perform medical experiments on her using a deadly alien life form, in hopes of finding a cure to his own life-threatening disease.

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5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme"
A mysterious ship is hurtling toward Earth and the key to stopping it lies with Marty, the alien who is producing a new sci-fi TV series called "Wormhole X-Treme!" But due to his amnesia, Marty has forgotten not only how to stop the ship…but also that he lived through the "Wormhole" experience himself.

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5.13 "Proving Ground"
Col. Jack O'Neill and his new SG recruits have become the targets of a secret hostile takeover. Now it's up to a wounded O'Neill and his neophyte troop to save the command center from a possible alien invasion!

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5.14 "48 Hours"
During a near-fatal pursuit by the Goa'uld gliders, Teal'c fails to make it through the Stargate before it is destroyed. Now SG-1 has only 48 hours to reestablish Teal'c's energy signature from the temporary memory of the Stargate before it's erased…for good!

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5.15 "Summit Part 1"
A truce has been declared among the Goa'uld, so that the warlords can attend a summit on the future of universe domination. Since Jackson speaks fluent Goa'uld, he is sent to the summit disguised as an aide. But his real mission is to poison the delegates!

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5.16 "Last Stand Part 2"
Embattled and under siege, SG-1 attempts to escape a Goa'uld search and destroy mission bent on finding them and the secret crystal they carry. Meanwhile, the balance of life is threatened by the reappearance of Anubis—the oldest and most evil System Lord.

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5.17 "Failsafe"
As an asteroid hurtles toward Earth, SG-1 uses an abandoned Goa'uld ship as a launch pad for a megabomb that's designed to explode the rock before impact. But when SGC loses the ship's signal, it's feared that the team is dead and Earth is in devastating peril.

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5.18 "The Warrior"
Kytano, former First Prime of the late Imhotep, is now the leader of a powerful Jaffa rebellion. SG-1 visits Kytano's stronghold with the aim of securing an alliance. But O'Neill and the team soon learn that this strategic partnership may well come at a hefty price.

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5.19 "Menace"
A dormant female android discovered on a barren planet is transported back to Earth for study. On reactivation, she exhibits a childlike innocence. But soon, SG-1 discovers that this seemingly innocent being may hold a dangerous secret.

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5.20 "The Sentinel"
O'Neill must enlist the aid of a couple of convicted felons in a bid to save a planet from the Goa'uld. With an attack looming and the planet's automated defense systems seemingly offline, an entire world's salvation rests in the hands of SG-1 and two former NID operatives.

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5.21 "Meridian"
Exposed to a lethal dose of radiation, Jackson has just hours to live. SG-1 tries everything in its power to save him, but as the hours tick away, Jackson's spirit meets with each member individually to discuss his next mission: life after death.

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5.22 "Revelations"
Still dealing with the death of one of their own, SG-1 must put its mourning aside in order to confront the warlord Anubis—who has captured the Asgard leader Thor so he can extract the secrets of their ancient technology for universal domination.

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