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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Vaitiare Bandera

Sha're Shares
Sharon Gosling, Stargate SG-1 * Atlantis Official Magazine #08, Jan/Feb 2006

What do you remember about being cast as Sha're?

It was very exciting because I had read for the Stargate movie, for the same part, a couple of years earlier. I met with Roland (Emmerich, executive producer), and I just loved the part. Back then, it was probably one of the auditions that I loved the most.  Then a couple of years later, they did the series and I auditioned for the same part. I was just so excited! After the audition, the casting director said, "Oh my god, thank God, someone who's natural!" didn't want to get too excited, so I just thanked him and went home. But his enthusiasm was very nice, and two days later they called me back and said that the producers loved it and I had the part.

Were you happy with the pilot episode?

Yes, it was very well done, the sets were magnificent and the cast were all great to work with. Except I was very nervous about my first [on-screen] nudity. [laughs]. I had turned down previous leading roles such as Mutiny on the Bounty with Mel Gibson when I was 18. Even after Stargate SG-1, I turned down another part in a movie because of the nudity. But this pilot, for some reason, I felt was okay to do although I was terrified!  Anyhow, on set they told me that it was only going to be topless but then they sent my release tape to sign for the full nudity, which wasn't the agreement. That was quite a shocker! It was kind of a mess. But I went to see it and they showed me the part. I had them cut it down because I thought it was too long. They did shorten it, and assured me that it was in good taste and there was nothing vulgar about it.  

Secrets was the next time we saw Share and Amonet, filmed when you yourself were pregnant. What do you remember about filming that episode?

The story was great. Michael [Shanks, father of Tatiana, Bandera's daughter] and I had a great time shooting it, especially where Sha're was giving birth. We were both so concerned, talking to our unborn baby and explaining, "Okay, Mummy and Daddy are going to pretend here but just relax, you don't have to come out yet!" She was so calm during that whole scene. She didn't move! That was really sweet.

You aren't acting any longer - what do you do now?

I just recently got remarried (Bandera's new name is Vaitiare Hirshon-Asars) and we have a little boy named Kenta. I'm in fashion now, designing and manufacturing high-end clothing and accessories. I have two fashion companies, so I'm very involved with that and it permits me to have a flexible schedule. We basically have vintage military clothing, moccasin boots with leather jackets. We sell all over the United States, Europe and Japan. So that's what I'm doing now- it gives me time to be with my daughter and my newborn. I do the trade shows in New York and LA, and spend time with my kids!

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