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Stargate SG-1 Crew Interviews: Joseph Mallozzi

Joseph Mallozzi Post to GateWorld Forum
16 March 2002

A big thank you to all of those who participated in the Q&A by either asking questions, posting your thoughts on the subjects we touched upon, or simply taking the time out to read them. It’s terrific to see such an enormous response from all of the SG-1 fans, in addition to the Michael Shanks fans. Although I don’t frequent the more “enthusiastic” sites (my mom won’t let me for fear it may damage my self-esteem), some friends have passed along the more colorful feedback. Apparently, this latest Q&A proved more acceptable to them than the last since, to the best of my knowledge, the posts were devoid of death threats this time around. Taking this as a positive sign (they’re finally warming up to me), and in the spirit of glasnost (which I understand is making a comeback along with the rubiks cube and Flock of Seagulls), I’d like to seize this opportunity to respond to some of their concerns.

1.Some have taken issue with my defense of Jonas. They feel it is ridiculous to draw comparisons to Teal’c. I disagree. In many respects, they are very similar men: both branded traitors, they both made difficult decisions for what they felt was the common good of their people (Teal’c by leaving the service of Apophis and trying to rally his fellow Jaffa, and Jonas by first trying to save the naquadria project, then returning to Earth with a sample the Tau’ri could use to protect themselves and Kelowna). In other respects, they are very different: ie. Jonas never wiped out an entire village to save himself (although, to be honest, season six is still very young).

As to the issue of whether you can classify Jonas’s inaction in Meridian as “cowardly” – I hold he froze. Yes, he could have jumped Daniel, wrestled the gun out of his hand, and blown out the window himself (personally, I don’t think he would have succeeded against the delightfully adept DJ), but as I stated in the Q&A, he doesn’t have the many years of life or death experiences DJ had. I noted that many indignant individuals insisted that, if they were in Jonas’s place, they, without a doubt, would have reacted exactly like DJ, unflinchingly sacrificing themselves for the common good. To them I say: Yeah, and if I was steering the Titanic, it never would have hit that iceberg.

And to the poster who brought up Stargate (the movie): I don’t recall DJ diving in front of a staff blast meant for Jack and sacrificing himself. I recall Jack jumping into action and exchanging fire with the Jaffa – and I recall Daniel standing up, arms outstretched, attempting to defuse the situation and getting blasted in the process. I don’t recall any diving or any life-saving heroics on his part. Then again, in all fairness, I wasn’t watching the director’s cut.

And to those outraged by the very notion that an unproven commodity like Jonas would be allowed to join the team – Good News! He may yet have the opportunity to prove himself, thereby redeeming himself in all of your eyes.

2.There was a certain amount of grousing over my response to a question about actor input on the show (the Summit scene). Many feel I distorted the truth. Well, a big man knows when to fess up if he’s made a mistake, so I humbly offer the following correction. The line: “Once the script leaves the writer's hands, we have little control...” should have read: “Once the script leaves the writers’ hands, we have little control...”. I apologize for any inconvenience this oversight may have caused.
Edited 3/26/2002 1:16:03 AM ET by J_MALLOZZI

3.A resourceful fan has managed to dig up a four year old post, critical of a plot development in a comic title I read. Presumably, the point was not to lure me into a debate on the merits of The Clone Saga, but to suggest the similarities between myself, as a critical fan, and the vocal MS supporters. Granted, we are similar in that, as fans, we didn’t agree with a creative decision. On the other hand, we are dissimilar in that I took five minutes to post my displeasure and moved on whereas others have apparently made the voicing of their displeasure a career choice.

4.On a somewhat related note - certain fans are congratulating themselves on the wonderful job they did securing the reappearance of Daniel Jackson in an upcoming season six episode. Although I appreciate their enthusiasm, I have to point out that Brad Wright informed fans last year that he planned to bring the character back for an appearance or two. Brad Wright wrote the script and brought the character back. He was good to his word. That said, I’m certain those same fans will soon be sending off Brad’s much-deserved thank-you cards a.s.a.p.

5.Finally, I’d just like to say that we will all miss Daniel Jackson. Nevertheless, the character will continue to live on, if not onscreen, then in all of our hearts. He will live on in the hearts of Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright who created the SG-1 version of Daniel Jackson we so admired. He will live on in the hearts of writers like Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright who developed Daniel Jackson, the person, in their memorable stories, crafting a wholly engaging character through dialogue, action, and experience. He will live on in the heart of Michael Shanks who did an incredible job of bringing the visions of the show’s creators and writers to life. And, of course, he will live on in the hearts of the fans who grew to know him and now, understandably, lament his passing.

Edited 3/26/2002 1:18:22 AM ET by J_MALLOZZI

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