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Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods, Final Cut (2009)

Transcript of Audio Commentary Kindly Provided By daniel4ever

Image Captures Added By Michelle

Executive Producer Brad Wright (BW) and Actor/Producer Richard Dean Anderson (RDA) recorded the commentary.

RDA: So, when's lunch, Brad?

BW: (laughs) There, see huh? Completely new!

RDA: That'd be me, or I. (his name appeared in the credits)

BW: Completely new.

RDA: And then to my left is…

BW: Brad Wright.

RDA: The creator of this movie.

BW: Children of the Gods…

RDA: It used to be Children of the Lesser Gods, didn't it?

BW: That's a different film, we had to…

RDA: Change that…

BW: Yeah. It's a good film.

RDA: This, this one?

BW: No, Children of the Lesser Gods. This one's, this ones okay.

RDA: Mario. (Reading the credits)

BW: Mario Azzopardi directed this. Haven't seen him in a while.

RDA: Since…

BW: Well, no, he's, he's actually come back and played with us a few times.

RDA: Here, we're sitting here 10 years later…

BW: Actually, 12 years later…

RDA: Twelve years later?

BW: Twelve years later! This was 1997! Twelve years.

RDA: And this is the, uh, the exposure, this is, the uh, presentation of…

BW: This is the first time…

RDA: …the franchise.

BW: Yeah, yeah, this was like, the tease! I didn't like it, I guess (laughs) I wanted to reshoot, this… (On screen, the covering blows off the Stargate). I didn't… when I asked MGM if I could redo this…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: I wanted to redo this whole part.

RDA: Why? What aren't you happy with?

BW: Well, it's about a bunch of strangers.

RDA: True.

BW: And it introduces the villain, not the hero.

RDA: Villain being… (Pause)… the circle? (BW says something simultaneously, but can't make out)

BW: Well, no, not… the hero is… the circle; we call it a Stargate, actually.

RDA: Oh, ok.

BW: It's been a while, I know.

RDA: Yeah. (Laughter and unintelligible speech — not sure whose)

RDA: I was wondering what that was.

BW: It's true, this is a true fact…

RDA: Wait, which one's the bad guy? I've forgotten.

BW: Apophis.

RDA: Oh, oh, oh, oh!

BW: And that's how far back we're going.

RDA: He's about to come through, is that what you're saying?

BW: Yeah, uh, he and his ne'er do wells, well, and this ball…

RDA: And there he is…

(On screen, the ball scans the woman)

BW: No, that's the, the… I don't know what this is, we never did this again, but you know, it's kind of cool.

RDA: I…I have some ideas.

BW: Yeah. We redid this visual effect, by the way. All these puddle visual effects are all new. That was part of the re-do.

RDA: It's all part of a re-cut; again, there were 12, 12 years later…

BW: Exactly, and that puddle pass-through looked terrible.

(On screen, woman is grabbed by Jaffa)

RDA: That scared me.

BW: Oh… That might have been an original one that we, yeah, these are original ones that were close enough.

RDA: Yeah, just say what's new… new (I think this is what he said, hard to tell).

BW: Yeah, yeah. Well, the whole cutting… There's Apophis' reveal… Now the other big difference, which you probably don't remember is this music is now Joel Goldsmith's music, and this is the reason I wanted to do this, so that Joel's music… (Pause)

RDA: You know it'd be interesting to hear, what uh, the old music was… (Can't make out the rest — not sure what he said).

BW: Well, at this point, I guarantee you it was music that was overtracked from the feature onto Joel's music and it was just… noise! It was just plastered on before.

RDA: Not appropriate?

BW: Yeah. We also, by the way, cut about a minute out of this killing scene. This shooting…

RDA: It went on?

BW: In the original, went on as long as my adult life. (Laughter)

(Pause to watch — showing dead airmen on screen, cut to Apophis)

RDA: Now…

BW: This was a reshoot, which really shows…

(BW or RDA — not sure): He's a little, uh…

RDA: A little plumper, a little uh…

BW: Yeah, yeah.

RDA: Aren't we all?

BW: Peter… yeah, yeah, yeah, actually, I'm aging into my weight, so it's working for me.

RDA: I'm not sure what I'm doing.

BW: Aw, you're looking good!

RDA: I think I'm laying around, building houses.

BW: Me too.

(Pause to watch the screen.)

BW: I think that's a new shot of Don.

RDA: Dear sweet Don.

(Pause to watch, Apophis closes his helmet, turns to walk through the gate.)

BW: The reason we had to put that other shot in, was because the way Jonathan originally wrote this opening scene, was uh, broke the rules of Stargate…

RDA: Uh?

BW: …so that little moment where…

RDA: Which were?

BW: …well, you can't go through a puddle and then step back through it. They had to stop and redial somehow.

RDA: Oh! That's true.

BW: And that little insert of Apophis was supposed to be where he's ordering one of the guys to do something (laughs) that makes the gate dial, but the scene is…

RDA: Probably had a little…

BW: Here comes your introduction. This is actually a pretty good introduction, well directed.

RDA: …a little hand clicker to make that thing happen…

BW: Yeah, yeah, except they all would have had to stand out of the way for the kawoosh and then get back into position in front…

RDA: Right, because I think throughout the entire course of the show we only saw one person get…

BW: Kawoo…

RDA: …singed from uh…

BW: Oh, a couple of times…

RDA: Oh, really?

BW: Yeah. Well, in, in um…

RDA: I thought it was so cool…

BW: …in Continuum we did it too. My buddy John in Continuum (not sure what he said after this — hard to make out).

RDA: …just a pair of shoes sitting there smoking.

(On screen, pan to O'Neill on the roof of his house)

BW: I know this guy!!

RDA: Robert Wisden? (His name had just appeared in the credits.)

BW: No, no, not Robert… telescope man! I think this was your idea, that you were looking through a telescope.

RDA: Well, really?

BW: I think so.

RDA: No, no, no. Re-assed?

BW: I think it was…

RDA: Re-assigned…

BW: Yes, I agree. There's a lot of that in this.

RDA: (Again, says something indistinguishable, could be "agreed" or "re," and Brad starts talking at the same time.)

BW: This was before we had a relationship with the Air Force.

RDA: Oh, really?

BW: Yeah. There's a lot of hats indoors, inappropriate saluting. Like, he's in his formal dress uniform (says something else indistinguishable, could be "that's silly.")

RDA: Maybe he came from a banquet…

BW: Yeah…

RDA: There you go.

BW: Yeah. Look at… that's a good shot (close up of O'Neill as he turns around). There you go! Shooting (can't understand what else he says).

RDA: I never looked so… dark…

BW: (laughs) This is not a particularly… it's a QuickTime, QuickTime… (Can't make out — but from later on, I think they were watching a screen version that used QuickTime and it had some glitches that were not in the version that was sold.)

RDA: Alexis Cruz (reading credits)

(Pause to watch — on screen, O'Neill gets out of elevator.)

RDA: Let me ask you this — we just went down to sub-level 11.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Didn't we have 28 levels?

BW: Yeah, well, you get into another… well, listen to the line…

RDA: Oh, ok.

(Pause to listen to dialogue about taking the second elevator to sub-level 28.)

BW: We never did this again, either.

RDA: What, sign in?

BW: Hey, Michael! That was Michael Greenburg's, uh, credit. That's me and John.

RDA: Jonathan "Jack" Glassner.

(On screen, elevator going down.)

RDA: There he is again (I think he is talking about the credits for writing, which were Glassner and Wright).

BW or RDA, not sure: Here's Don.

BW: Oh, major trim in this scene, *major trim in this scene.*

RDA: I don't enter?

BW: No, you enter... that's…

RDA: Oh.

BW: …you'll see. (Laughs when O'Neill says "Samuel's mentioned something about the Stargate." What was removed was the exchange about writing his biography and having to kill anyone that read it.)

BW: There you go.

RDA: Nice!!

BW: "Down to business…"

RDA: Yeah, no chatting at all!

BW: Oh yeah.

RDA: No chit or chat…

BW: Neither.

(On screen, a pan over the dead body of a Jaffa in the infirmary, starting at the head.)

RDA: Breast.

BW: (Something indistinguishable, possible "male.")

(On screen, "Ya think?")

RDA: Ah, it's the first time we threw that chestnut in there.

BW: (laughs) …what?

RDA: I think we started it. Miley Cyrus picked up much later.

BW: Yes, yes, yes. Second generation "Ya think."


(On screen, unveiling of second dead Jaffa body — female.)

BW: And this wasn't in the original either, because Michael, uh, said there were no women in those suits.

RDA: Yeah?

BW: Oh, how do you know that?

RDA: Yeah, what'd he do…

BW: We…

RDA: …check?

BW: …exactly! We since established there's female Jaffa, so, I put it back.

RDA: And why…

BW: Good shot.

RDA: Why was that, um, strap across her chest?

BW: Uh, it was, uh, it was because she was naked. I don't know why. Maybe that's the other reason we cut it.

RDA: (laughs)

(On screen, Hammond and Samuels.)

BW: But I like the shot.

RDA: It was very nice, very nice.

BW: This is like, cut differently too, I think.

(Pause to listen to discussion of, "Is Ra really dead?")

(Soft laughter)

BW: See, in the previous version, there was score all through this. I was, "let the scene play!"

RDA: Oh, really? There was music?

BW: Yeah, that was dead wrong.

RDA: You're right, this is very much better…

BW: Now the music comes in… a little sting there.

RDA: Was that a, uh, a Symes thing?

BW: J… John, after he saw the… our cut that we delivered and you were, you were in on the fight with me and Jonathan, uh, he wanted, he wanted the feature score all through it because he thought we, we can use it (he says something else, but RDA talks at the same time and I can't make it out).

RDA: Well, he probably thought he was paying for it; we might as well use it.

BW: Yeah. (Someone laughs, but not sure who) But he also was of a… of a school of thought, of more music was better, and I… I'm not of that school, so…

RDA: Well, as exemplified by that little cut there…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …it was, it's very dramatic.

(On screen, talking to Hammond.)

RDA: "Retired." (Don Davis' line)

BW: What a voice, huh?

RDA: Yeah… I'd give anything to have that voice.

BW: I'm talking about your voice…

RDA: No, no, no, no… (Laughter from BW.) (RDA says something indistinguishable.) I've always hated that voice.

BW: What, your own voice?

RDA: Yeah, lack of voice, I guess.

BW: Everybody hates their own voice.

RDA: Hates my voice?

BW: No! Everybody hates their own voice, when they hear it. Although I have a cold right now and I, and I wish I had a cold all the time because…

RDA: Ah, you sound like an FM DJ.

BW: Yeah, I know.

RDA: It's very nice.

BW: Thanks, man.

RDA: But, all this chit chat now… we're watching this… which I… I've watched this kind of thing be done, or listened to it on Family Guy…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …tapes and such. Sometimes it gets so annoying, just to hear the guys chatting, talking about what's going on on the screen and like for instance, now, you have a phone call coming in…

BW: No, it's not…

RDA: …or you're about to make one…

BW: …I'm taking it; I'm taking it out of my pockets. I had my phone in my pocket.

RDA: So you wouldn't be distracted.

BW: Yes, exactly.

RDA: Cause your listening audience wants all of you here.

BW: I know! I'm here!

RDA: Uhm.

BW: They didn't want to hear that scene, obviously, because they've already watched the movie and now they're here to listen to us. That…

RDA: Is that true? (Laughs)

BW: That… (Can't make out, since RDA is talking at the same time) understood. I don't know, this is why this is only my third commentary. (Laughter, RDA says something indistinguishable.) But, I wanted to do one with you, and I thought it would be fun.

RDA: Well, if there are more, and, you know, if you'll have me, I love doing this kind of thing.

BW: Ok.

RDA: Course…

BW: I find that out 300 episodes late, but… (Raucous laughter from both.)

RDA: But anything I might see now will be that… your new show…

BW: Yeah, that's true…

RDA: Stargate…

BW: Universe.

RDA: …you know… Europe, Europe…

BW: Stargate Europe is the one after Universe.

RDA: Oh, ok, Universe, right?

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Stargate Europe.

BW: Stargate Hawaii.

(On screen, Hammond shows O'Neill the bomb, discussion about sending it.)

BW: There's a huge change in there…. *Huge* change in there.

RDA: Well, tell us…

BW: That cut, that step forward (by O'Neill, I think), is from another scene.

RDA: This one?

BW: Yes! There's a whole big… they go back again, and talk about other things. (Pause to listen to dialog, O'Neill, "I regret to inform you…") This edit in here, it's just a huge, huge change of basically exposition that, that just got *snip*.

RDA: Oh, good.

BW: It's much; much… you don't even notice it's gone.

RDA: Well, if you hadn't said anything…

BW: Well, you haven't seen the other version in 12 years, I'm pretty sure.

RDA: That's very true. (Laughs) But it's… even though we're chit chatting here, it's kind of holding together.

BW: It is pretty good. The reason I… I wanted to do this, period, is I saw… it's a good scene (On screen, Hammond and O'Neill in heated discussion of O'Neill violating a direct order) …but I saw, uh, my kid, my oldest daughter, Tessa, who was a child, a very young child when we made this, sitting with her boyfriend, and I was watching them watch it, and they were liking it.

RDA: Unh.

BW: But I thought, man, we could do better than this now.

RDA: Really?

BW: Yeah, the music was over the top, the visual effects weren't as good, there's some dialog that made me *cringe*.

RDA: Yeah, you know what, I have to… now that I start thinking about it's… there were some aspects of this whole thing that were (mumble—can't make out), for lack of a better term, too big for me, to thoroughly enjoy and… But, when I'm seeing what you've done here now is just like lighten it up, so it's…

BW: Oh, it's so much better.

RDA: So it moves and, you know, the story's moving along.

(On screen, O'Neill goes to visit Kawalsky.)

BW: You know, uh… (Can't make out because RDA talks over him.)

RDA: Relax, Jay.

BW: (laughter)

(Pause to watch)

RDA: What a sweet little guy!

BW: Yeah. It's a good scene. I made another change, here. (On screen, O'Neill and Kawalsky are sitting at the table talking.) It's funny to see the change.

RDA: "O'Near?" (How Skaara said his name.)

BW: That's right. Here's a big change. See, he used to say, "Oh, Colonel, I didn't know you had a kid," and you went on to explain, yeah, the he did and he shot himself. If you guys were really best friends, he would know that, so I just cut it out.

RDA: Oh, good man!

BW: And it just played on his expression and it was much better.

RDA: Yeah. You're… After all these years, you're… you're getting pretty good.

BW: (laughter)

RDA: You're getting the idea.

BW: I'm telling you, 12 years of hindsight is also helpful.

RDA: (laughter)

BW: And you know, it's now not a pilot anymore. It's not trying to set up a series.

RDA: Yeah.

BW: Oh, that's…

RDA: Very poignant shot (On screen, O'Neill and Hammond speaking).

BW: Now it's just a… it's a movie, and it plays like a movie.

RDA: And this was shot on…

BW: 16.

RDA: 16?

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Thank you John.

BW: Yeah (laughs). There's still, there's lots of shows shooting on 16 now, actually, The Shield is shot on 16. There's a… the stock is better. But, there's qualities, there's qualities of 16 that… like this…

RDA: Uhmm. (Says something else that I cannot make out.)

(On screen, panning the Gateroom as they dial the gate to send the tissues.)

BW: This… part of these issues are QuickTime issues, not… cause that's what we're watching. But we switched to 35 in season 5? …4 — 4!

RDA: Was that after John left?

BW: As soon as John left. (Laughter)

RDA: We love John Symes.

BW: We do, we love the man, and I… I doubt he will ever watch this, but if he ever does, we love you John!

RDA: So much! (Pause) Gary! (On screen)

BW: Now, Gary was shooting yesterday. Don't you think that was cool?

RDA: Very much so!

BW: Rick came up, for those of you who are listening, Rick came up… (Unintelligible speech) of course they're listening… to uh, shoot, uh, some stuff in Stargate Universe. He's now General of the Universe. And Gary is still his assistant! (Laughter). Walter. Walter!! After every take, Rick said, "Walter!"

RDA: (Unable to make out) He was… had the potential of being a real Radar type character.

BW: He did.

(On screen, O'Neill walks to the Stargate; you can see him through the puddle from the other side of the Gate.)

RDA: That's great.

BW: This was a good shot, and you know what, that's from the original. It's a nice Mario moment.

RDA: This is good effect.

BW: yeah.

RDA: Did that cost a lot of money?

BW: Uh, yeah.

RDA: Back in those days.

BW: Back in the day, yeah. That's new. (I think the puddle splash when Jack tosses the tissue box through.)

(On screen, or should I say off screen, the Gate shuts down.)

RDA: The reason you didn't see that, folks, is because it cost so much money to turn it off and on, on screen…

BW: That's true, that's true, although I put a f… quite a few in in this that we didn't… that we cut. (Laughs) There was… we actually… one in the original, coming up. I'll explain it when we get there.

RDA: Ok.

BW: I remember you wr… uh, doing the re-write and wr… and typing in, "Come on Samuels, let me be the cynic around here, huh?" cause that's what you had written in the margin. I remember that. That's your line.

RDA: That? I stole it from him?

BW: No, no, no, you wrote the line is what I'm saying.

RDA: Oh.

BW: I had written, or Jonathan, had written something else.

RDA: I'm sorry.

BW: It's all right.

RDA: That was the first and only time that every happened.

BW: (Loud laughter, and RDA chuckling.)

RDA: Those of you who know that history…

BW: No, the reality is you would write in the margins sometimes and then I'd put in the script and then you'd change it anyway.

RDA: (laughs) Oh, I see what you're saying.

BW: It's the typewritten line that you were offended by.

RDA: I got a feeling that it was the stuff that just would come out of my head…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …that you guys took umbrage with.

BW: No! What's umbrage, really?

RDA: (laughs)

RDA: Can't afford it these days…

BW: What is umbrage?

RDA: There. (I think, hard to understand.)

(On screen, O'Neill goes up ramp to retrieve tissue box.)

BW: This was kind of a fun beat.

RDA: This is the tissue?

BW: Yeah, yes.

RDA: Ok.

BW: Yeah. Like you could do a little bit of a smile here, something…

RDA: It says, "Send" something…

BW: See, that's a different take, than the one in the other.

RDA: What was it?

BW: I don't know, you did something different in the other one. Maybe it was not that different, but I chose a different take. We went back to dailies, right?

RDA: Yeah.

BW: There's different takes…

RDA: Wow…

BW: …throughout this whole thing.

RDA: How long did it take you to do all this?

BW: Well, I gotta say, Brad Rines, who is, is the guy who recut it, who has been… he worked on MacGyver, that's how long…

RDA: Right.

BW: …uh, Brad's been, you know, around, and he, he worked on it for a good long time, cause it's a movie, and then I sat with him for about a week and half.

RDA: We just got the go ahead to go through the Circle of Water…

BW: It's, it's called the Stargate…

RDA: The Stargate…

BW: Yeah.

(On screen, O'Neill turns and salutes as Hammond enters the briefing room.)

BW: See… you hated this!

RDA: Hated! Hated it, and it's in the trailer.

BW: (laughs) You're not in the room unless I put the scene in -- I tried to cut it.

RDA: I don't mind it from a distance… Oh, Sam Carter…

BW: Oh, this is completely different, and let's just watch this, I want to hear your reaction.

RDA: Alright, alright, here comes… Oh, out of the darkness…

BW: We cut there… (Laughter, after Sam says yes to Kawalsky's question about 8 gs)

RDA: Nits… (I think, but not sure what he said exactly…)

BW: And the lines that we cut are, "Just because my sex organs are on the inside instead of the outside…

RDA: Ohhhh…

BW: …doesn't mean that I can't handle whatever you can handle."

RDA: Bless you…

BW: The most cringeworthy line… that's one of the reasons I wanted to do this, just to excise that from the movie.

RDA: Ohhhh…

BW: I, I…

RDA: That's a Jonathan line…

BW: Oh, God, yes, and I cut it…

RDA: Sheesh…

BW: …I cut it from, uh, my pass on the cut and he put it back in again…

RDA: No!

BW: Yes, and guess who the final arbiter was?

RDA: Symes?

BW: Yep!

RDA: Ohhhh… just because my sex organs are…

BW: (laughs) I have mocked it…

RDA: Ohhhh…

BW: …several times in the later seasons (I think this is what he said, RDA was talking at the same time, so it is hard to make out).

RDA: Did he ever get the fact that was terrible or did…

BW: You know, I always felt that…

RDA: (Speaking at same time as BW.) You know…

BW: They told me, you can't cut it out, you can't cut it out, it won't make sense. (Laughs) I give you this scene…

(Pause to watch what is on screen.)

BW: It's a much better scene now, there used to… there was just, blah, blah blah, blah blah…

RDA: Who said… did I say that line?

BW: No, no, no. "Mr. glass is half empty?" That one?

RDA: Yeah. No, no, no, um, the one, um… the, the… gonads are…

BW: The sex organs are on the outside…

RDA: (Says something I can't make out, since they are both talking at the same time here.)

BW: Oh, no, no, that was her, she said it to you.

RDA: Ohhhh…

BW: To be tough.

RDA: Well, then it wasn't so bad…

BW: (laughs) You never in a million years would have said that line!

RDA: No.

BW: Never.

RDA: No.

BW: I… I could write that for you now, and I…

RDA: Shows… shows you how much I was listening, no, I'm kidding…

BW: (laughs) First of all, it would be backwards…

RDA: Yes, yes…

BW: There you go. (Both laugh)

(On screen: The team enters the Gateroom all decked out in gear, etc.)

RDA: Oh my God, Jonathan…

BW: It's ok, now, this is, this is much, much, uh, condensed as well.

(On screen: Hammond says 'Is that clear?' and O'Neill salutes, then RD says…)

RDA: Crystal!

BW: That might have been written.

RDA: And this is, uh… Oh, that's true, it might have been. Um, with these little, uh, pods on our back.

BW: Yeah, they went away quick.

RDA and BW together: So'd the helmet. (Raucous laughter)

RDA: Um, I can't wait to see what you've done on the other side of this, and my arrival. The close up face thing.

BW: Oh, oh, that's the other one, that's the arrival to Abydos.

RDA: Oh, that's not this?

RDA: Ohhhhhh…

BW: New puddle…

RDA: …our first wormhole…

BW: New wormhole. This is, of course, our wormhole from, uh, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.

RDA: There, that's the shot! (On screen: O'Neill emerges from wormhole.) Look at that, and on my face.

BW: What's wrong with that?

RDA: Well, it's the last time you ever saw it.

BW: Oh, the, the, the frost?

RDA: Yeah, the frostbite.

BW: Oh, I don't…

RDA: That stuff was poisonous, caustic, and it took hours to apply.

BW: I thought you meant, I thought you meant the tumbling.

RDA: No, no, no, no…

BW: Ah…

RDA: Any tumbling is good!

BW: Yeah. Yeah, well, we addressed it in the script. We said, we said that…

RDA: But it's…

BW: This is nice…

RDA: It's all gone now.

BW: Oh, yeah. Well, you also, you also used to tumble all the time, too.

RDA: Well, I think my feeling initially, cause I so never understood any of the concepts…

BW: Well… that was made up.

RDA: …was that, wa… wouldn't I be sp… people get splattered across the room and on the window, exiting the… the wormhole, cause you're going through it so fast? That, not only that, in the wormhole, how come there's so many curves and turns?

BW: Uh…

RDA: Wouldn't it be a straight line?

BW: That's a good, that's a good point. I don't know.

RDA: I mean, it varies…

BW: Maybe that's just the artist's representation.

RDA: Oooh…ff…

BW: Straight line would be boring.

RDA: But credible.

BW: True, but you wouldn't be able to see it. (RDA says something at the same time that is indistinguishable.)

BW: (laughter) Ok.

RDA: Let's not argue.

BW: The camera is also…

RDA: We've been successful…

(On screen: Skaara salutes O'Neill.)

BW: …demolecularized… It worked! (Lots of laughter) This is a good scene. I love this reunite… reuniting. Cause he… Alexis was in the original feature and so he just, uh… we'd actually brought him back, you know?

RDA: I was… surprised that we were… I don't know, my, my head in this fantasy world about features vs. television, um, we've got this, this little guy who was in the feature film, to be in our, our television project.

BW: Yeah. Well, look at this set! This is a gorgeous…

RDA: I know!

(On screen: Sha're emerges from behind curtain.)

BW: There's Vaitiare…

RDA: Now as I understand it, you've um… Well, maybe we should just all wait and see what's been cut off… out of this.

BW: This is not that different. I actually added to this.

RDA: So there's more frontal nudity?

BW: No, there's no frontal nudity.

RDA: Oh, see, so you haven't added really.

BW: No. (laughter) I added character beats into the Abydos moments.

RDA: Oh, good, it needed one or two.

BW: Listen, there's a change… (Pause to listen to dialog)… took out the MacGyver thing.

RDA: Yeah! Very nice.

BW: You know why?

RDA: Unh uh.

BW: Cause now you're Jack O'Neill. Why, why back-reference two series ago?

RDA: Hmmm, don't know.

BW: Do you want it back?

RDA: Do I want it back? No.

BW: I can do it again, but I can't do it for another 10 years. (Laughter)

RDA: Ok. I'll wait that decade.

BW: Ok. (Laughter)

RDA: I have no problems with it disappearing. I think it was for the audience primarily anyway.

BW: Yeah. Part of the beauty of being able to, uh, uh, frame for 16 X 9…

RDA: Um hmmm…

BW: …is that it chang…that's, that's what changed the cutting pattern. I mean there were, there were shots that were just much prettier and usable in 16 X 9 that you wouldn't have been able to use in 4 X 3.

RDA: Yeah, this all looks so great.

BW: Isn't that pretty?

RDA: Yeah. It's just beautiful!

BW: That — that's new, I think. (A glance from Carter.) Maybe not.

RDA: Now, when you say new, do you mean you went back and shot something?

BW: No, no, no…

RDA: Or pulled it out of dailies?

BW: I mean, I mean we had dailies, and, and, beat…

(On screen: Abydos exterior shot of pyramid in sandstorm.)

BW: Oh, this is a completely new matte painting. Look at that! Isn't that gorgeous?

RDA: Yes, it is. (He then says something indistinguishable.)

(On screen: reflector dish that says 'Property of U.S.A.F.' with food cooking in it over a flame, O'Neill holding bread.)

BW: That, this is, this, that shot, we cut, because it looked lame, but I like it!

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel being offered food to taste by Sha're as he talks about using the reflector because it is non-stick titanium.)

BW: The guys in charge of sound had to redo a lot of the mixing too, because…

RDA: Really.

BW: …naturally all of the original stuff was gone, or had evolved. But it was in stereo! The original mix was stereo. So that was another good reason to redo this! Now it's 5.1.

(Pause to watch, on screen: O'Neill asks about the moonshine.)

BW: This is… I love this beat. Although this is something I've gotten away from. That's… you know… the cup? Wh… what is a glass? What is an alien glass? Why does this have to look like a canoe, just because we're on another planet?

RDA: (laughs)

BW: See, that was probably… I don't remember, but I think it was probably a close up, that close up, for the 'smooth,' and it played much nicer in the two shot cause…

RDA: Oh, yeah!

BW: …Amanda's reaction was nice.

(On screen: Skaara offers lighter to O'Neill, he refuses.)

RDA: I don't smoke anymore. That's that beat right there. That's how we dealt with…

BW: Well, I did out the wild line — 'O'Neill, your lighter.' (Said in an exaggerated imitation of Skaara's voice) because… (Laughter) …uh, it was like this note that we got…

RDA: Sledgehammer…

BW: Yeah. Not that he was that bad, but it was, it was pretty bad.

RDA: No, I know what you mean, though.

BW: You hate ADR as a rule…

RDA: Well…

BW: …and that's one of the reasons you do, because it's bad.

RDA: Yeah, in part too, because it… a lot of it… so much… in my experience, it was meant to explain what you were wa… seeing.

BW: Yeah!

RDA: You know… I mean…

BW: Again, it's partly a…

RDA: Those that have followed the, the franchise from movie into this entity know that, you know, Kurt Russell's O'Neil smoked.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: And uh, that's the lighter, there's the, you know, the homage almost…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …is that little lighter…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …and we've just played a little beat on it…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …I think it's brilliant.

BW: And it had magic fuel that lasted forever.

RDA: Yes, truly. And these two (On screen: Sha're and Daniel are kissing goodbye.) ended up married in real life.

BW: That's true.

RDA: And had a child together.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel and the others leave the dinner.)

RDA: (Says something indistinguishable, could be 'Overachiever.')

BW: Yeah, that's another thing, it used to be 'hold the fort' 'Ok boss' or something like that.

RDA: Oh, no, no…

BW: That was just taken out.

RDA: Thank God!

(On screen: Daniel and others exit the pyramid to the outside.)

BW: This is another new visual effect shot. But that's a pretty good interior for exterior!

RDA: That's great.

BW: (Says something I can't make out, could have been, "And we pulled it up.")

RDA: And it's all, you know, Peter Woeste lit this right?

BW: Yeah, that's right. It's pretty.

RDA: You kinda want to see the other…

BW: Well, yeah… well, how about this? (On screen: Long shot, exterior pyramid.)

RDA: Is that what they're looking at?

BW: No, they're co… they're walking down the stairs.

RDA: (laughs)

BW: The other direction would have just been sand, so this is quite pretty.

RDA: That is pretty.

BW: But Krista, Krista McClain [Ed. Note: Unsure of spelling of last name, searched credits, and could not find her.], our, uh, our current, one of our current artists, redid that shot. Isn't it pretty?

RDA: Very, very.

(On screen: Air Force female that was kidnapped is brought in to meet Apophis.)

BW: I cut all the harem stuff. There's no more harem scenes.

RDA: Ohhhh…

BW: This is the first time we see her. This…

(Pause to watch action.)

RDA: Oh, this is the soldier, right?

BW: Yeah, this is the soldier that went through.

RDA: There's no… not wearing soldier outfit. (Draws in a breath of surprise as they strip her clothes and show her bare back.)

BW: Not crazy about this whole… but it's, it's part of what was driving the, the whole plot.

RDA: Oh, the, uh, worm in the…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …stomach…

BW: No, and, and that it would… I gotta say, I loved the concept of symbiote, but what we ended up with, a snake in the belly…

RDA: Unh hunh…

BW: Look at that… this is ri… this is just stupid. Not to mock our own series…

RDA: No, but I understand what you mean, this…

BW: It, it, it… was too big, it was too…

RDA: You know what?

BW: …where are her intestines, for God's sake? Reproductive organs? And it was because… we had to use puppets, and…

RDA: I was gonna say, in today's world, uh, of, of effects and such, you could do much…

BW: So much more…

RDA: …better.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Yeah, you…

BW: Well, believe it or not, some of these have been replaced by digital effects.

RDA: Really?

BW: Not that one!

RDA: Not that one…

BW: Not that one. (Both laugh) Yeah, you'll see. But some of them were just plain bad, and so we…

RDA: Yeah. Would that we had the money and the technology then, I think we'd be much happier today.

BW: Now here's, here's another little thing in the recut, it's… much more, he's (Teal'c, who is on screen, shown watching from a distance as Apophis kills the Air Force female after she is rejected by Amaunet) much more aware… those shots weren't in the other… I mean they were, but not in the same context. But…

RDA: But nothing has happened to him to, to cause him to be changing at all. Unless he's going through his own… revelation, his own personal, um…

BW: Except…

RDA: …awareness beat.

BW: Except, he's looked at it and is… in significant disapproval. I…

RDA: But he's, but he's been watching it for, what, assumedly, for a long, long time.

BW: Yes.

RDA: But just…

(On screen: O'Neill, Daniel, Sam, etc. in chamber with cartouches.)

RDA: Cause he hasn't seen these folks yet, has he?

BW: We actually rewrote this scene and I got Amanda and Michael to, to do ADR for them.

RDA: Did it cost ya?

BW: Uh, yeah, actually, a little bit. (Both laugh) I was happy to do it.

RDA: This was before the… O'Neill hat.

BW: Yes.

(Pause to watch action on screen.)

BW: That's a pretty decent set for a television show, considering we couldn't do a huge matte extension in this direction.

RDA: This is still Mario, right?

BW: Yeah. (Laughter) You can tell, it was shot from the floor.

RDA: Yes.

BW: Listen…

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel and Sam discuss stellar drift.)

RDA: Really. (On screen: "You mean I'm right?")

BW: It's all new! (On screen: Kawalsky and O'Neill exchange glances.)

RDA: Great! Great!

BW: (laughs)

RDA: It start… it's, you know… the germ of…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: The O'Neill character, and…

BW: Yeah.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Another Kawalsky and O'Neill exchange of glances.)

RDA: Yep.

(Both laugh, on screen: Sam and Daniel in earnest discussion.)

RDA: Keep that going.

(On screen: O'Neill says, 'The Stargate can go other places?')

BW: (laughs) Duh!

(Both laugh. Someone says something, but I cannot make it out.)

RDA: Thus was launched the simpleton.

BW: (laughs) Awww… he, he wasn't… that was a devolution…

RDA: Oh, God, you guys just allowed so much.

BW: (laughs)

RDA: Or so little, as it turned out to be.

(Both laugh)

BW: Uh…

RDA: That was brilliant.

BW: I thought in Continuum, you showed, you played old and new O'Neill.

RDA: That, that…

BW: And made it look almost as though it was all intentional.

(Both laugh raucously.)

RDA: Oh… I don't, I don't know that I could admit to anything…

BW: Oh, ok.

RDA: …at this juncture.

BW: (laughs)

(On screen: Abydos Gate begins activating.)

BW: This is a pretty, this is a pretty c… pretty cool little sequence, got motor shakers on everything, lot of extras, lot of guns…

RDA: Lot of biceps. (Just on screen: Ferretti shown holding gun, his biceps taut.)

BW: …but again, I think this is a new shot. (Gate activation.) Yes, it is! Bring up something. Oooh, this is new.

RDA: That was a good puddle.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Ooow…

(Pause to watch action for a moment, on screen: Gunfire, etc.)

BW: Over the course of the years, uh, staff blasts got varyingly powerful. Sometimes they were blow right through you, sometimes they just nicked you.

RDA: Right. Sometimes it wou… would be, as evidenced just a minute ago, a lot of flame…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …(unintelligible) fire. I think it depended on what you…

BW: Maybe…

RDA: …were wearing.

BW: Yeah, yeah. Or… yeah.

RDA: If you had that new polyester uniform on…

BW: Yeah, yeah. Put on your gunpowder smock, honey…

(Both laugh)

BW: It's a bad…

(On screen: Sha're is captured by Jaffa.)

BW: Oop, there goes Sha're.

RDA: Yeah, he caught her.

(On screen, Skaara steps out to fire.)

BW: Brave young boy. Now here's something you'll find interesting when you listen to Chris. (Pause to listen.) I asked him to loop his entire performance. Christopher came in and redid Teal'c from beginning to end, every line. And his performance is so much better, it's unbelievable.

RDA: I don't remember… uh, it…

BW: It was sort of Yul Bryner. (RDA says something at the same time and I can't make it out.)

RDA: Really?

BW: Honestly, it was 'this is not your weapon' (said in a low, stilted voice) as opposed to, you know, Chris' normal deep voice, playing Teal'c. It was, it's…

RDA: Forced?

BW: Striking! Strikingly different. Well, he was playing an alien, you know, and it was…

(On screen: Apophis says to Sha're, 'you may be the one,' in Goa'uld voice.)

RDA: People ask, well, why didn't you sound like that.

BW: Yeah, yeah.

RDA: Sometimes those Jaffa outfits looked like they were wearing muffs, or something.

BW: Yeah, oh yeah…

RDA: Nose guards, and...

BW: Here's a… this is kind of a good beat. (On screen: Apophis dialing the gate, Ferretti straining to see.)

RDA: He's memorizing something?

BW: That's right. Woosh… sleep. (On screen: Behind Apophis, Jaffa hold prone figures of Sha're and Skaara, and Skaara's head lolls back.)

RDA: Now, was that an animated closing of the head? (Apophis' helmet.)

BW: No! We made that.

RDA: That was… uh…

BW: We made the, uh…

RDA: …mechanical.

BW: …all these mechanical things, and they would break down and…

RDA: Right. But, eventually we started… animating them.

BW: Yeah, ah, ag… well, mainly because we'd want to use them again and… (both laugh) they'd be broken. And, the technology, I mean we went from…

RDA: There were different helmets as well; go ahead… you're psyched for this…

BW: …CG to… yeah, exactly. Well, when we started this, CG was really in its infancy for television. You know, the Puddle was: Wow! Look at that! It's a Puddle! And now we do them like, eh, everyday. But…

RDA: I star…I remember some of the cheats we started coming up to save money…

BW: Oh, yeah!

RDA: …as well. The, you know, the reflection in the window…

BW: Oh, yeah.

RDA: …and it would show the blanket…

BW: Show that it was active, yeah. And, now, amazingly, projectors, like tel… you know, uh, home video projectors, have gotten to such a level, that we can project a Puddle, practically, if the light is low enough in the, in the room. And, it looks like a real Puddle, on film.

RDA: Really?

BW: Yeah. That's a money saver!

RDA: (laughs)

BW: Jim Menard — came up with the whole rig — genius!

RDA: Jim was always thinking.

BW: Well, he's… he ri… he's on our set right now lighting, uh, Stargate Universe.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Kawalsky asks Daniel if there could be another Ra.)

BW: We have a little jar Peter DeLuise came up with, every time he saves the company money, we, we have to put a dollar into it.

RDA: That's cheap!

BW: It is, cause at the end of the day, he gets a dollar. (raucous laughter)

RDA: Today's economy.

BW: Yeah, that's true. Michael's very good in this scene, and I… and it's recut too.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel calls Abydonians into circle to speak to them.)

BW: That kid is good, too.

RDA: The one in front?

BW: Bolah… [Ed note, according to the episode transcript, Bolah died after telling Daniel about the attack, and this character was Tobay, and is also credited as being in Full Circle.]

RDA: Yes.

BW: …that kid, yeah. Should have brought him back. Maybe we did, I don't remember.

(Pause to watch, on screen: 'You came through it, Dan-yel.')

BW: Th… this is Joel's score, you know?

RDA: Underneath there?

BW: Yeah, it's beautiful, as opposed to whatever was playing during the, the movie, it was…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: …it might have been this, it might have been this.

RDA: It all seems so natural now.

BW: Yeah, not forced.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel tells them to bury the gate forever, then scene shifts to Gateroom, as Gate begins activating.)

RDA: Yeah, I remember setting up for this. It's a good shot! (On screen: Camera pans over and around and through gate.)

BW: Yeah, it's a really good shot! Mario did a lot of good work in this.

RDA: Yeah, he… he tried really hard on so much, and it was at some point, at one point, I thought he was… eh, uh, because it was so time consuming in my head…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …when we were shooting all this, that I just uh…

BW: That's new, by the way! The, the…

RDA: The close? (On screen: Iris closes.)

BW: This. No, we had it open, without anybody there, (laughs), or closed without anybody there, then you were there again. That's, that's actually in the cu… in the movie.

RDA: Ohp… and he's (O'Neill) wearing a hat!

BW: Yep, yep.

(Pause to watch, on screen: O'Neill and Hammond talk at base of ramp.)

BW: Sorry, I interrupted you.

RDA: No, no. (Draws in breath.)

BW: We were talking about Mario. The fact is, when I went back to the, to, to do the cut, th… there was a lot of good film there, you know? I mean, it's…

RDA: Why… I… di… did we save a lot of, uh, takes on scenes?

BW: Yeah, and, but we…

RDA: Were there a lot to choose from (says something indistinguishable)?

BW: …I went back to, uh, I went back to B roll its, B make, I mean, at some point.

RDA: Geez…

BW: But just for a couple of things. It was still around.

(On screen: Briefing room scene, Daniel still in Abydonian robes.)

BW: This scene had been cut.

RDA: Had been?

BW: Yep.

(Pause to watch.)

RDA: Why would this be gone?

BW: It's been about a year since I did this, so, I… I'm not sure if the, the whole scene was cut. I know part of it was.

(On screen: Briefing concludes, Hammond, O'Neill, Sam and Daniel stand in circle, Hammond says, "…get this man some clean clothes, he stinks.")

(Brief chuckle from someone, I think RDA.)

(On screen: O'Neill grabs and pats Daniel on the shoulder a couple times.)

RDA: They hated that.

BW: What?

RDA: Went through a whole long thin… I mean, I an effort to…

(On screen: Chulak, small ship flying over buildings.)

BW: New!

RDA: Ohhh, sweet!

BW: Yeah.

RDA: I would reach over and, pat them on the shoulder, or give them a little something, then it became (2 quick patting sounds) kind of a…

BW: (laughs)

RDA: …and then they just started hating it so much. (Both laugh) and I think Shanks, at one point, just got his shoulder rolling (BW laughs) so I couldn't do it! (You can hear great amusement in RDA's voice as he recounts that.) (Both laugh)

(On screen: Jaffa enter prison cell to select — Teal'c points to Sha're.)

BW: Remember, remember when we built this set? And it was enormous…

RDA: Um hm…

BW: And then we realized we couldn't afford to fill it with the extras to make it look full…

RDA: Oh, right!

BW: …so we actually moved the back wall forward!

RDA: Yep. (both laugh)

BW: It was like, 'Oh, shit, we can't fill this with extras!' Richard Hudolin.

RDA: Beautiful, big.

BW: He's now the, he now does Battlestar Galactica, and is really fabulous on that. Look at those big doors… it's television, man!

(On screen: Skaara at cell door just after it closes.)

RDA: God, look at that! It looks great!

BW: Yeah, a good shot.

(On screen: O'Neill visits Kawalsky and Ferretti in infirmary.)

BW: You remember when we uh… I had a story for episode one, and we cast him and hired him for this, knowing we were going to kill him in episode one after the pilot.

RDA: Did you tell him that?

BW: Oh, yeah…

RDA: Oh.

BW: …that was part of the deal.

RDA: Is that what happened then?

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Oh.

BW: Yeah, Enemy Within.

RDA: Oh, right, right, right, right.

BW: Yeah, he, he uh, at the end of this pilot, he used to get a… a symbiote go…went into the back of his head? It's something that we dropped, from…

RDA: Yes.

BW: …the series… and it… but it wasn't mature, so it couldn't take him over and he was going back and forth, and back and forth. It was something that we were going to play with going forward in the series and never did. I'd… you'll see how I dealt with it at the end. This is actually my favorite scene in the movie coming up.

(On screen: O'Neill takes Daniel home.)

BW: It's amazing what… how sim… how a simple little scene in somebody's living room is… becomes your favorite scene, but it's just a good scene.

RDA: In a scifi show…

BW: Well…

RDA: No, I know what you mean.

BW: I…the reason I like Scifi is because it lets me do fun stuff.

(On screen: Daniel sneezing in front of the fireplace.)

BW: That, that went away pretty quickly too, huh, the allergies?

RDA: (laughs) I had to sit there with a beer forever, for him to take it…

BW: (laughs)

RDA: …while he did his business. (You can again hear the amusement in his voice.)

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel and Jack discuss life on Abydos. Jack says, 'I'm trying to kick the flour thing.')

BW: (riotous laughter)

RDA: (laughs, says something while BW is laughing that I can't make out.) What was that?

BW: (as he continues to laugh, then I think he says, but it is hard to make out) I don't know.

RDA: A simple no?

BW: Might have been an ad lib, uh Rick, actually.

RDA: Oh, really?

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Wouldn't have noticed that.

BW: No… (hearty laughter)

(On screen: O'Neill talks about his wife.)

RDA: I'm surprised I got that… right… the whole… (laughs)

BW: Well, you…

RDA: …juxtaposition…

BW: …didn't see the slate, but uh… (laughs)

RDA: …juxtap…

(both laugh)

RDA: Juxtaposition of sentiment there.

BW: It's a nice scene.

RDA: Yeah, it is, actually. Nice low level.

(On screen: Briefing room)

BW: And this, and this is an example of how fast Don Davis can talk.

RDA: Ok.

BW: You'll see. (Laughs)

(Pause to watch, on screen: Discussion around briefing room table of Ra, gods, etc.)

BW: Computer, computer, computer.

RDA: Um hmm.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Briefing room scene continues.)

BW: I almost cut this. It's not really necessary, cause it's piloting, right?

(On screen: Hammond says 'your team will be designated SG-1.')

BW: But, I needed that, so…

RDA: I didn't understand… oh, I see what you're saying.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: It establishes everything.

BW: Yeah. It is piloting, though, and I was trying to make this a movie… so that's ok, it's just, you know…

RDA: I see what you mean.

(On screen: O'Neill says, 'I had a moment of weakness,' then you see Kawalsky's reaction.)

BW: (laughs heartily, RDA chuckles) Jack Benny, ladies and gentlemen.

(On screen: Everyone gets up and exits quickly when they find out Ferretti is awake.)

BW: I love this! Not dismissed, just go…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: I love that.

RDA: Yeah, those, all those little things were starting…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …during that pilot's…

BW: You actually did a little beat like that yesterday. [Ed note: on SGU]

RDA: What was… that?

BW: Just, you know, after, after Elyse's character leaves the room, you just close the door, 'Ok, and what's really going on?'

RDA: Oh, right.

BW: Yeah, it was good; it was very… same, same instinct really.

RDA: Variations on that. He was fighting the, uh, the impulse to watch her leave…

BW: Exactly.

RDA: …through the window and all that…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …so, get on with it…

BW: Exactly.

RDA: …I'm growing up.

BW: (laughs)

(Pause to watch, on screen: Geared up, both teams are walking through the hall to the Gateroom and arrive as the Gate activates.)

BW: Big, big trims in here too.

(On screen: Hammond in control room.)

RDA: (whispers) God Speed.

BW: There is a big speech there, we cut it.

RDA: Oh, that's right.

BW: It was…

RDA: And we go…

BW: It was the ticking clock, it was the, 'remember that there's a clock that's ticking and if it… the clock keeps ticking until it stops ticking you'll… you're dead!'

(Both laugh)

RDA: Good cut!

BW: Yeah, yeah.


BW: Good old FRED. Good old, never see you again, FRED.

(On screen: People tumble from Gate.)

BW: There you go!

RDA: There…

BW: That's what I thought you were referring to.

RDA: Nah… those things I understood.

BW: That was a cold… no; it's still on your face though.

RDA: Ahhh… darn!

BW: (laughs)

RDA: Didn't stick to her…

BW: We fixed that by realigning the targeting computer.

RDA: Pull back…

BW: Yeah, a little bit of 90's, uh, filmmaking in this (can't make out the rest as RDA talks at the same time).

RDA: That's exactly right.

BW: But, you know, that's a… ladies and gentlemen, the beginning of the trees.

BW: Yeah.

(On screen: Apophis enters, and Sha're is brought in, struggling.)

RDA: Looks like a Travel Lodge in British Columbia.

BW: See, these are all in complete… these two scenes are completely different… positions in the movie too.

RDA: Ok.

BW: Cause there used to be harem scenes… that, that we too, and now this is… now it's just the two women… and what happens to them. Without…

RDA: Oh, that's good.

BW: …without, of course, the nudity, that uh…

RDA: That not many will miss.

BW: Well, the reality is, this is a family show, it's been a family franchise.

RDA: But remember, we were…

BW: Yeah, we were on Showtime…

RDA: …we started out on Showtime…

BW: …I understood why we did, although I fought it tooth and nail.

RDA: But I also think it garnered, um, some attention…

BW: True.

RDA: …(can't make out what he says) there's a political thing going there.

BW: Yeah, but what, what I said to MGM is, why don't we create a box set that wh… when a…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: …family brings… ge… you know… family gets one for Christmas, they want to sit down with their kids, they go, 'Oh, Stargate, I love that show,' and then they put in Children of the Gods, and there's a full frontal nude rape scene…

(On screen: Amaunet emerges from Jaffa.)

RDA: And then something like this comes along. (Laughs)

BW: Yeah, well, this is bad, but it's, it was worse with the…

RDA: Yeah… what you're all missing, folks, is a full frontal nudity, nude shot of Vaitiare.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Symbiote crawls onto Sha're's abdomen.)

RDA: Hello…

BW: See, there's another shot of Chris that wasn't necessarily there before.

RDA: Um hmm.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Symbiote approaches Sha're's head.)

RDA: See, that just looks like… what it is… some guy off camera with a…

BW: Well it, in fact it…

RDA: …rubber hose.

BW: …in fact it was.

RDA: All right, now she's on her stomach, where's that… snake going?

BW: Well, that's why they turned her over, right?

RDA: Because?

BW: Wh, wh… what is it supposed to be doing? I have no idea!

RDA: Um hmm. Well, why is she on her stomach?

BW: Just so the snake can see her face and say, 'is tha… yeah, I'll, I'll be in this body.'

RDA: But they roll her over on her stomach now so it…

BW: Now we're t… we're to say that it bored into the back of her neck.

RDA: Ohhhh, ok, yeah. I'm glad that was… clarified.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Otherwise, it was a trip to he proctologist.

BW: Yes, yes. (Laughs)

RDA: Yesssss…

(On screen: The Gate on Chulak.)

BW: Here's a Daniel/O'Neill moment.

(Pause to watch, on screen: O'Neill cuts off Daniel's explanation and pats Daniel on the back.)

[Ed note: both were very amused during the brief exchange below, as evidenced from the tone of their voices.]

BW: There it is, that's the relationship…

RDA: And…

BW: …the hand on the back.

RDA: You noticed…

BW: Yeah, yeah.

(Pause to watch, on screen: O'Neill calls one of the SG-2 members 'Airman.')

BW: You know, we had in the original, we had the General call you 'Airman.'

RDA: Really?

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Well, you know, evolution…

BW: Yeah. It's gone now. Little, little fixes. Uh, with all due respect, you must have said that 57 times.

RDA: Unh, yeah.

BW: I cut, I cut about 56 of them out.

RDA: Right. Thank you, you…

BW: See that? You're probably… all talking, but…

RDA: This machine, this FRED thing…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …made so much noise.

BW: Yes.

RDA: It was so loud on… and what you've done is lay in… something acceptable.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Kawalsky asks O'Neill to pick him up a t-shirt.)

RDA: Oh, you joker you!

BW: Jokester.

RDA: (Says something I am unable to make out.)

BW: T-shirt. Ok, I admit it, I wrote that. I admit it.

RDA: No, on that, the line's ok, it's the…

BW: Uh…

RDA: …I think the presentation was a little too…

BW: Uh, I'm not sure the line's ok…

RDA: What? No, if he throws it away, yeah.

BW: Yeah, bring me a t-shirt, you're right.

RDA: I'm giving line readings now. (Laughs) [Ed. Note: I think that is what he said, but BW was talking at the same time.]

BW: Ok, yeah, control yourself. (Laughs)

(On screen: About to meet the priests on Chulak.)

BW: Ok, this is amazing, because this was day one, and there was a scratch down the middle of the film…

RDA: Right.

BW: …you remember that disaster?

RDA: Yes, yeah.

BW: We fix.

RDA: I see no scratch!

BW: It's gone. $35,000… to get rid of a scratch. And, it was impossible… to fix it twelve year ago, so there's a whole bunch of shots in this sequence coming up that aren't in the original, just because…

RDA: This was such a heartbreak, folks, that, uh, when you get your first day's… day of dailies…

BW: Ohhh…

RDA: …and you've got a, uh, like a white mark… scratch, going right down your film.

BW: Uh, the whole roll. Look at that shot! Isn't that amazing? Isn't that, uh, just astounding?

RDA: It's, geez…

(Pause to watch, on screen: Priest raises and lowers his hood.)

BW: This guy was cool.

RDA: Oh, right.

BW: (laughs) Very serious. (Comment on Daniel's close-up expression, I think.) Chapp'ai?

RDA: Yeah.

BW: (laughs)

RDA: What was that?

BW: He goes, 'I think it's a derivation of…' and you go, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!'

RDA: Oh! (Laughs)

BW: You know, that we got Dennis Hopper to do that is amazing! (Both laugh) Doesn't it look a little bit…

RDA: A little bit.

BW: …just like that, yeah?

RDA: Meand, meand…

BW: Yeah… (Laughs) Chulak meand. (More laughter)

RDA: …meand… he's gone.

BW: Chulak! (Said in a voice imitating the priest before he points and says it.)

RDA: Very nice, Brad.

BW: (Says something indistinguishable.)

(On screen: Chulak in the distance.)

BW: That's, that's the original matte painting…

RDA: Oh.

BW: …we didn't redo it, cause it's pretty good.

RDA: I thought that really was Chulak.

BW: But, no…

RDA: Didn't you guys go on location?

BW: …we did a Chulak scout, yeah.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Approach city, shown in the distance.)

BW: It's retimed, that's the only difference. It used to be quite a different color. Now it's, all the, all the Chulak shots look different. This was, that was…

(On screen: Long shot, entering building.)

RDA: Wow!

BW: …brown. See, this is timed differently to… to match.

RDA: Yeeeah, Yeah. It looked a little red.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Feast is brought in and placed on table.)

RDA: Chulak… nice! Verdant.

BW: And now that this is no longer the harem room, this is the first time we see this set, which is…

RDA: Oh, right.

BW: …it was a… I thought it looked like a redressed set; so, this is… now it's a nice new set, and it's cool.

(Pause to watch, on screen: SG-1 is guided to seats at banquet table.)

BW: I think that animal, in the middle, is from the feature. I think that's a prop that we got from the feature.

RDA: A future animal? Is that what you said?

BW: No, feature…

RDA: Oh, feature.

BW: …Stargate, Kurt Russell. And the hat comes off (O'Neill)… forever! (Laughs)

RDA: Say again?

BW: The helmet goes off and stays off forever, I'm pretty sure. Ah, you might have worn it for a couple more, I don't know.

RDA: Well, I liked the dark one. The, the black one was fine. But the, the beige just never got along with my palette.

BW: No.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Horn blows, everyone bows.)

(Both laugh at sound.)

BW: Excuse me.

RDA: Yes.

(Both continue laughing.)

BW: There's the familiar stomping of Jaffa feet.

RDA: Yeah. Crashing the barbeque.

BW: Yep.

RDA: The bastards!

(Pause to watch, on screen: Apophis lifts Sha're's veil.)

BW: With a hat! From here on in, it becomes the hat show.

RDA: (laughs)

BW: It's funny, wait till you see Apophis' hat in the last scene.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel gets thrown against the wall, O'Neill and Carter raise guns.)

RDA: And a quick reaction. Oooh… that hurt. (O'Neill is knocked out with a staff weapon to the head.) That snake head!

(On screen: Daniel awakens.)

BW: Recut this, too.

RDA: Wait, he gets… I get hit in the head, and we open on… come back from total unconsciousness.

BW: Yeah, I think that's what you objected to the first time.

RDA: Really? Seriously?

BW: Yeah, yeah, and so I recut it to this, and this is better. It wasn't just you. Everybody said…

RDA: Ahh, I was kind of joking, but…

BW: (laughs)

RDA: …it's…

BW: But that was. That establishing shot of the scene was cut from the original.

RDA: Which one? Which?

BW: Uhhh… for th… that tilt up from Daniel to reveal the prison, that we were just, that we just saw.

RDA: Uh huh.

BW: All of this was changed, all of this was different. My logic was, O'Neill's up… first… that's how cool he is…

RDA: Oh.

BW: …and he's out trying to escape.

RDA: Ok. That's how cool he is? (Amusement in his voice.) His head's that much harder?

BW: Well, he… come on, ok, fair enough.

RDA: No, I got you, and I like that.

BW: Cause D… Daniel, Daniel hit the wall. I could have recut it, but…

RDA: (laughs)

BW: …it didn't work.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Sam is trying to convince Daniel about Goa'uld being parasites.)

RDA: She's still pretty, you know?

BW: Yeah, she is. That makes sense.

RDA: It's good.

BW: Yeah.

(Pause to watch, on screen: O'Neill says, 'Daniel, don't,' cut to Daniel's face.)

BW: Soft.

RDA: Another pat!

BW: Yep. (Laughs) I'm starting to realize why he…

RDA: Hated me?

BW: Hated it. (Both laugh) He didn't hate you.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Teal'c questions O'Neill on where he is from.)

BW: Minnesota. We changed that… but we figure he's lying.

RDA: Oh, good.

BW: (laughs)

RDA: Nice…

BW: We…

RDA: I like that…

BW: O'Neill's from Chicago and Minnesota.

RDA: Chicago, Minnesota.

BW: Yeah, yeah. (Laughs) I'm Canadian uh… what can I say? No, I know the difference.

(Both laugh)

RDA: Love it. But it's the wrong watch.

BW: It's a weird, odd watch, isn't it?

RDA: Well, it's not… mine… it wasn't the one O'Neill… wears. He's into Suunto.

BW: It is the, uh… w… it was again, the, the trick watch, just to… to throw them off. (Laughs)

RDA: Nice. Nice. If you kept pulling up his sleeve…

BW: There would have been nothing…

RDA: …you'd see that the real one was there.

BW: Yes.

(On screen: View from base camp.)

BW: That's new.

RDA: That's pretty.

BW: Isn't that pretty?

(On screen: Kawalsky pointing.)

RDA: Says he.

BW: (laughs)

(Pause to watch, on screen: Kawalsky walks away, angry, after conversation about not leaving without O'Neill.)

BW: There was a scripted line there, 'Another fine day on planet Kawalsky' (said in voice imitating Kawalsky). I cut it.

RDA: (laughs) Oh, God.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Samuels reminds Hammond of the time and the warhead is ready, Hammond asks ho much time is left, Samuels tells him.)

BW: But I'd like to blow them up now if I could. (Hearty laughter)

RDA: He really hasn't come out yet.

BW: Uh, no, he's uh, yeah…

RDA: You still don't know what he is.

BW: …he's the Smithers of our show, really.


(On screen: O'Neill and Skaara look for a way out and discuss Sha're.)

BW: This is a good scene.

(On screen: O'Neill says to Skaara, 'We'll try' and pats him on the side of the face.)

RDA: Tap, tap.

BW: But, but we'll fail. That's another thing that I… eh, about this pilot that bothered me for years…

RDA: Now, see, you're starting to think as I always think…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …you know, with the, with the parenthetically… 'This is what's going on in my head…'

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …oh, it came out of my mouth!

BW: (hearty laughter)

RDA: Yeah, that's what happened in… through most of my career (can't make out the rest).

BW: Yeah. (More laughter)

(Pause to watch, on screen: Skaara translates, '…who will be the Children of the Gods.')

BW: Title!

RDA: Oh I love that! Echo, echo, echo.

BW: This is pretty though, I mean, M… gotta give Mario credit for some pretty nice shots in this.

BW: And now, the hat! Jaffa, eh, eh…

RDA: Oh, my!

BW: (laughs)

RDA: And the legs. How come he doesn't have a scar on his belly?

BW: He's not a Jaffa, he's a Goa'uld!

RDA: Ohhh, right.

BW: Ohhh… it's just been a while, Rick, that's all.

RDA: I know, it, it'll all come back to me.

(On screen: Teal'c moves to center of the screen.)

BW: Plopped.

RDA: Now for the audience, let me, let me ask this question about the language, or not the language but the uh, yes, the language I guess it would be the um…

BW: The 'Benah! Ya wan, ya duru!'? The stuff like that?

RDA: Right, the wordage that was… used throughout.

BW: It, it actually a, a combination of shit we make up and uh…

RDA: But it…

BW: …that's all it is, really.

RDA: …you st… you kind of standardized it over the years, right? So…

BW: Well, we went back to use stuff over and over again.

RDA: Was that hard to do? Track it all, and… umh, create your dictionary?

BW: Peter DeLuise, actually, as a… uh, because he wanted consistency, when he was, uh…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: …working with us. This guy's eye had went out (Jaffa guard). He must feel terrible. The guy in the back? He, he's…

RDA: That big?

BW: Yeah. His eye's not glowing. He had a broken eye.

RDA: (laughs)

BW: But, uh… but yeah, we wrote down what everything meant, and then we started making, you know…

RDA: Remember Kate Ritter's thing?

BW: Yeah, amazing!

RDA: What was that?

BW: The lexicon.

RDA: Yeah, the lexicon, that's it.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: It was just… so complete.

BW: She did incredible work on that thing. We use it!

RDA: Really?

BW: I mean, to her credit, that I consider to be…

RDA: She's… she's the…

BW: …the bible.

RDA: Yeah, an amazing effort.

BW: And she never gets anything wrong.

RDA: She's a…

BW: She occasionally emails me and says, 'I'm confused about this,' and I have to tell her, 'yes…'

RDA: So am I?

BW: …it's because you made a mistake.


RDA: Good for you!

BW: She's actually disappointed, because the internal coherence doesn't hold up completely.

RDA: God Bless…

BW: But, it's close, you know?

RDA: More hats, look at that!

BW: Y… all… this… and Carmen Miranda as the Goa'uld. (Said in announcer type voice.)

(On screen: Daniel asks to be chosen.)

RDA: This guy. (Referring to the guy that Daniel is speaking to.)

(Brief laugh)

BW: See, you can see Teal'c's turn a lot more in this cut.

RDA: Uh huh. That's good.

BW: It's a lot more, cause it…

RDA: It makes his change…

BW: Yeah.

RDA: …a lot easier to take.

BW: Exactly. You're tracking it. It makes… you can go back and say, 'Ok, there it is.'

(On screen: O'Neill is hit in face with staff as Skaara is dragged away.)

RDA: Oh, my nose! Wow! Kill the rest.

BW: This point in the original, the music's going, beh deh deh deh deh deh! Deh! Deh! It's just wrong. There's no suspense at all.

RDA: God job.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Teal'c turns and fires on Jaffa.)

BW: That moment is so much more believable now, in part because of Christopher's performance.

RDA: Yep.

BW: You know, because it's just better!

RDA: It built up to it.

BW: And it's slightly recut.

RDA: No, a really good job on that.

(Pause to watch, on screen: O'Neill yells, 'Get out of the way.')

RDA: Said like Jack Bauer.

BW: Yeah! That's, that's when the, that's when the, uh, blast stop, uh, thing is set to…

RDA: (hiss… laughs)

BW: …the hole in prison wall setting.

RDA: Yeah, so when…

BW: (says something at same time as RDA and I can't make it out.)

RDA: …it hits people; it just blows up into flames.

BW: Yeah. There's a little switch. (Laughs)

RDA: Cold, freezing, rainy day…

BW: Ohhh…

RDA: …in Vancouver. We had a lot of dissent from the extras outside.

BW: Yes. This is much better music here.

(Pause to watch, on screen: 'For this, you can stay at my place.')

RDA: Great line!

BW: That, that's the line that made you want to do the show. I remember you, that's the first line you commented on after… when we met.

RDA: Really?

BW: Yeah.

RDA: Ahhh… what a miserable day.

BW: Can I blow them up now, General? (Said in imitation of Samuels.)


(On screen: Walking up hill, Sam says, 'We're almost there, let's go.')

BW: There was two other scenes that we resh… that we shot and added.

RDA: Ohhh.

BW: For that ticking clock thing.

RDA: Yeah.

BW: I just got rid of them.

RDA: What were they? Do you remember?

BW: It was… Samuels and Hammond.

RDA: Oh. Oh, good, yeah, stay with this.

BW: Yeah, exactly.

RDA: No, good for you.

(On screen: Teal'c reveals his symbiote.)

BW: Ok, this is CG. Much better!

(On screen: O'Neill says, 'Well, get it out of there.')

RDA: (small laugh)

(Pause to watch, on screen: Glider sounds.)

BW: This is new.

RDA: Wow.

BW: It used to be just that one thing that morphed into a glider, and that was crazy.

RDA: Oh, yeah. (Says something else that I can't make out, but sounds like 'all the air right.')

BW: I don't know… I… we did it for money, we did it to save money…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: …cause we had the glider shots, but, and… and then, but, we knew that Apophis and all of his friends couldn't fly in a glider, so we had established this cargo ship much later in the series and then just put it in and that's naturally what he'd fly in.

RDA: Now we didn't duck because…?

BW: Well, because…

RDA: Just in the story.

BW: …they're behind you.

RDA: Like so close.

BW: Wai… oh, yeah, he might have ducked. He sh… he probably should have ducked.

(On screen: Rings from Cargo ship.)

BW: This is a new visual effects shot. Totally new visual effects shot.

RDA: This is the introduction of this, the rings, right?

BW: The rings, yeah, yeah. Ribbed.

RDA: There's the hat.

BW: M I C… (Sung to Mickey Mouse Club theme song.)

RDA: M O U S… I was just… oi! Those things (gliders on screen) always looked like they were flying backwards to me.

BW: Yeah. Well, anyway, now it's two, 'cause one… seemed not… so now…

RDA: Uh huh.

BW: We redid this with two. Eh, this whole scene, that's, these are all new shots. It was really the only scene I could… add some meaty vis effects to that were new. Other than redoing the puddles. And this… a cool maneuver here, look at that (fancy glider flying on screen). I like that!

RDA: Ohh, nice.

BW: Yeah. (More glider scenes) That's all new. See? You're not ineffectual (staff shot makes glider smoke)… th… th… it… you, you got rid of one of them. It was driving me nuts, because O'Neill and Daniel…

RDA: Right.

BW: …lose everything! They go, they try to get Sha're, they lose. They, they…

RDA: Good.

BW: …lose Skaara. They barely make it home with their asses, so at least you got one of them. Small victory.

RDA: Yeah, well that's good.

BW: That's a cool shot too (more glider flying).

(On screen: Kawalsky takes down a glider.)

RDA: Yeah.

BW: That's a cool explosion.

RDA: That was on the, um, on the, uh, what do you call it, the… leading trailer shot, er, uh…

BW: Yeah, yeah.

RDA: What is that called? Where they show the… the titles!

BW: The Title sequence, yes.

RDA: In fact, I think Anderson-Greenburg was on, uh, over that explosion. (Laughs)

BW: (laughs)

(On screen: Kawalsky runs down hill to meet them.)

RDA: Stretch first (said in a funny voice).

(Pause to watch, on screen: Running up the hill to view the gate.)

RDA: What? You were going to say something?

BW: Well, this is a much, coming up, the scene coming up is a much truncated, uh, scene too, in terms of the shooting. That also went on as long as my adult life.

RDA: Dear Mario is thinking… the more explosion the better.

BW: Yeah, epic, epic, epic. See the 4 X 3 framing though? Cause the, the line of people just ends…

RDA: Oh, on the right.

BW: …on the right side. (Laughs)

(On screen: O'Neill is thrown backwards by Klorel/Skaara.)

RDA: Ohhh…

BW: That was you!

RDA: Why would you do that to me?

BW: (laughs) Why did you do that to yourself?

BW: New. (Gate shut down.)

RDA: Umh.

BW: There was, there was all this other bit with, you know, things looking, and binoculars, and talking about the things — no, just start shooting them!

RDA: Just do it.

BW: Yeah.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Two SG-2 members run and hide behind large boulders.)

(Both laugh)

BW: The miming isn't… I'm doing right now is really a reading but… he's dialing a little slowly.

RDA: (laughing)

BW: It's a cre… it's a duplication shot for the… coming up for the…

RDA: Sploosh! (Gate activates.)

(On screen: Claymores explode on the ridge.)

BW: That's a cool shot.

(Pause to watch, on screen: Daniel sending people through the Gate.)

BW: New.

RDA: Nice, very nice. Where was it?

BW: This is kind of funny.

(On screen: Kawalsky rises, firing and yelling.)

RDA: Ohh, Jesus… (Both laugh) Yeah, Jay!

(Both laugh as big guy throws rock.)

RDA: What are you throwing those rocks… he's throwin' those rocks.

BW: Yes, gorilla man.

(Pause to watch battle on screen.)

BW: See, then they came from the… flank, and that's…

(On screen: Gorilla man kills a Jaffa with his bare hands.)

RDA: Cool.

(On screen: Teal'c comes through Gate.)

BW: There used to be a big gag of them walking up and taking his staff, now it's just go, get out of here, go, go, go. Much cleaner, much tighter, that sequence.

RDA: Very nicely done. Shoulder… pat.

BW: Now the end of this original was s… supposed to be, supposed to be setting up, you know, a new… the rest of the series, so it ended with the eye glow. But, I cut the symbiote going into the back of his neck on, on, on the uh, A side of the Gate, right? So we don't even see the symbiote going in his neck.

RDA: Oh.

BW: So, I cut the eye glow. I ended it properly, on you and Daniel.

RDA: Don't give it away…

BW: Oh, I'm sorry.

(Hearty laugh from both)

RDA: I get a little teary watching the end.

BW: Yeah, well…

BW or RDA: Smithers…


(On screen: Daniel from the side.)

BW: But that's a nice shot.

RDA: Pat, pat. (Both laugh)

RDA: Ahhh…

BW: The End.

RDA: …yeah.

BW: Isn't that stronger?

RDA: Very much so.

BW: And without getting into all the, uh… Oh, yeah, and that's another thing we did.

(On screen: In Memory of Don S. Davis 1942-2008.)

RDA: Dear Don. Very nice.

BW: That was fun, Rick.

RDA: Yeah.

BW: I, I did… I enjoyed doing that.

RDA: I like doing it, I'm glad I eventually shut up so I could watch the movie…

BW: Well I…

RDA: (Can't make out the first part of what he says) about everybody else, but…

BW: …I, I, honestly, I knew this… that was gonna happen. That's…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: …at least if it's a good one, it, it's pretty much always what happens.

RDA: Well, and the, the changes you were pointing out were all just so… you know. Yeah.

BW: There's a lot more. There's a million little ones, that, that people won't even notice, but…

RDA: Well, they're all great; I mean it really does hold together so much better now.

BW: Yeah.

RDA: It's, it's…

BW: And there's…

RDA: …it's tight.

BW: Yeah, yeah.

(On screen: Credits are rolling.)

RDA: Original pilot edited by…

BW: Allan Lee. He did a good job. It was different…

RDA: Yeah.

BW: …it was 4 X 3, and, and he… there was a lot of servants, I mean masters to be a servant to.

RDA: Ian Moss, Victoria Jones.

BW: Oh, yeah. Bob Habros, John Gajdecki.

RDA: Gajdecki… Gajde-(ch)-ki actually.

BW: He… even says his own name three different ways. I just saw him like last week.

RDA: But he's working with, ah…

BW: Michelle Comens, by the way, did the visual effects, the new visual effects. She was a supervisor on Continuum. She worked…

RDA: Who did?

BW: Michelle Comens…

RDA: Oh, yeah.

BW: …she was just a supervisor, now she, she did it, and Mike did the first and this one. Mike Eliot. I though that was great.

RDA: Ohhh. Who else is here? Let's see.

BW: Yeah, see, there's Michelle's credit.

RDA: Anke…

BW: And Paul, Paul Sharpe. Rick Chadock was unbelievable. He, he works for Joel, works with Joel. Oh, and the dialogue and ADR — uh, Jacqueline did a great job. But, uh, but Joel, because he knew one of the reasons I wanted to do this was to preserve his music, he couldn't just put the old score over the new cut, right? So the music editing…

RDA: Right.

BW: …was a nightmare.

RDA: He had to edit.

BW: And Joel had to write little cues between. Thank you Rick!

RDA: Bless your heart, Bradley. And folks, if you're still listening, umm, I will say this unsolicitedly, it was Brad Wright who did all this and made it, uh, made it good, made it much gooder!

BW: Much gooder. Yes, thank you Rick!

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