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Xe'ls as the Great Spirit embodied in a raven


Xe'ls is an alien of PXY-887 who has shape-shifting abilities. When the Goa'uld brought a group of Central Coast Salish Indians to his planet, his people vanquished the Goa'uld and became the protectors of the Salish. His people adopted the identities of the Great Spirits the Salish revered. Xe'ls' Great Spirit appearance was that of a raven. As the leader of his people, he was prepared to destroy the SGC because he felt that those from Earth threatened the peace and harmony they had established with the Salish, but he was convinced by T'akaya (who took on the form of a wolf) to bury the Stargate on their planet to prevent the NID from mining their trinium. Additionally, Xe'ls opposed Earth because his people had been exposed to Tonané, one of the Salish leaders, as aliens posing as their gods, or spirits. Xe'ls feared that the Salish would forge weapons against them, but Jack pursuaded him to trust each other based on their peaceful co-existence that had been established over a millennia ago. (2.13 "Spirits")


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