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Tonané of the Central Coast Salish Indians


Tonané was a Central Coast Salish Indian living on the planet PXY-887 and was introduced in the episode, 2.13 "Spirits".

Character Biography

At first, the SGC did not believe that PXY-887 was inhabited. They discovered Trinium there, a metal one hundred times lighter and stronger than steel. When Tonané and his people returned from their winter camp, they encountered SG-11 during their blasting. Because Capt. Connor had already set the blasts, he said that he would talk with Tonané after they were detonated, but the "Spirits" of the planet intervened and whisked them away. SG-11 were then 48 hours late to report in and SG-1 was given the go to find out what happened to them.

Tonané, as spokesman for his people, tried to keep the SGC away from their planet by sending an arrow made of Trinium through the stargate. This arrow went through the control room's glass and into Jack's arm. Carter led the team through the gate while he recovered in the infirmary.

When SG-1 arrived, they discovered the story of the Salish clan on a clan crest (totem pole). They had been brought to the planet by the Goa'uld and ruled over by the Jaffa serving that Goa'uld. The Spirits, depicted as a raven on the clan crest, vanquished them a millenia ago and have protected the Salish, who were brought to their home planet, ever since. All the Salish have to do is request the Trinium and it comes to them in the river already purified and ready to shape.

Tonané took SG-1 to meet Xe'ls, the raven, in the forest. They also met T'akaya, the wolf. SG-1 was uncomfortable with talking with these animals, but Daniel and Teal'c honored Tonané's way and talked with the animals as if they understood. As it turned out, the animals were the form the Spirits took on behalf of the Salish. They were shape shifters. The Spirits returned SG-11 and then Tonané accompanied SG-1 back to Earth to see demonstrations of alternate mining methods.

The Spirits had actually taken on the form of the SG-11 members and overheard General Hammond tell Jack that the NID wanted to mine the material when the Salish were away at their other camp. They were enraged and did all that they could to protect Tonané and his people by whisking away SGC personnel. Eventually, quite a few of the SGC personnel were gone. During the course of their visit, however, Daniel was taking Tonané on a tour of the SGC base and did all he could to keep him distracted while Jack tried to solve the problem. Tonané bored quickly and insisted on going home. Jack finally was able to reason with the Spirits and Tonané of their desire for an understanding. In order to keep the Spirits from destroying the base, Daniel negotiated with T'akaya to reveal where Xe'ls was after he was injured with a zat and allow her and her fellow Spirits to heal him. At the end, the Spirits decided to shut down their stargate so that the NID could not gain access to the Trinium. The Spirits returned all of the missing SGC personnel. Tonané accepted the aliens as his friends and told them to take on the form which made them happy and then, he went home with them.


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