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The Tech Con Group is the largest corporation on the Hebridan planet and sponsors the annual space race, the Loop of Kon Garat. It annually awards a highly lucrative contract with its deep space exploration project to the winner of the Loop. Miles Hagan is the president of the company.

Company Interests & Slogans

The company slogan is, "Tech Con Group - progress and people working in total harmony."

TCNN has exclusive rights to the race coverage, which is brought to viewers by Tech Con Ultra Sport Beverage. "When you've got an ultrabig thirst to quench, only Tech Con Ultra Sport will do".

The race is managed by Tech Con flight control.

Tech Con Gaming Kiosks - "If you don't play, you definitely won't win."

Tech Con Group Funeral Services - "Helping you make peace with death."

Tech Con Cosmetics produces Radon Shield 55 - "Radon Shield 55 keeps your fun factor up and your lesion count down."

Tech Con has family shopping outlets.

Tech Con Propulsion Systems produces Ion Pro, a new engine additive - "Whether you're competing in the loop of Kon Garat of just taking the kids to school, use Ion Pro in your power source."

Tech Con Propulsion Systems - "Your system-wide experts in Ion Drive technology."

"Corso's temporal eatery, where your whole family can eat what they want, when they want," is part of the Tech Con Group family of restaurants.


Tech Con Building
Tech Con Office
Tech Con Reception
Tech Con Receptionist
Company President Miles Hagan
Tech Con Supervisor Del Tynan


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