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Miles Hagan of the Tech Con Group


Miles Hagan was the president of the Tech Con Group, a very successful company on the planet Hebridan, in the episode, 7.08 "Space Race".

Character Biography

Hagan was a descendent of an intermarriage of the humans of Hebridan and the Serrakin alien race which freed the humans from slavery to the Goa'uld thousands of years ago. His company sponsored a race called the Loop of Kon Garat so that they could hire the best pilots Hebridan had to offer. The winner of the Loop was given a lucritive contract.

While Carter participated in the race by being the co-pilot of the Serrakin Warrick's ship, the Serebus, Jack and Daniel successfully negotiated with Hagan to bring a stargate to their world in exchange for an ion propulsion engine.

Tynan discovered that one of his employees, Del Tynan, had attempted to fix the race so that a full-blooded human would win. He was appalled that Tynan would resort to sabatoge and murder to see that the racer named Muirios would win in order to prove the supremacy of the humans on the planet. Fortunately, he was able to place Tynan under arrest before Tynan could have Teal'c and Eamon, Warrick's brother, killed. La'el Montrose was able to win the race and she hired Warrick as her co-pilot so that he could share in the contract she was awarded because he helped her to win the race.


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