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Honduran Guide Rogelio


Rogelio was a Honduran guide hired by Drs. Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee in the episodes, 7.11 "Evolution Part 1" and 7.12 "Evolution Part 2".

Character Biography

Rogelio was hired by Drs. Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee when they were in Honduras seeking the Telchak Device, a piece of Ancient technology which was the predecessor of the sarcophagus. His "day job" was working as a waiter in the cantina where the two SGC scientists were told to meet him. Rogelio was able to negotiate for a good hourly rate and fill his cousin's truck tank with gas. He showed genuine concern for the two men when they went into a subterranean chamber which flooded when they accidently activated a booby trap designed to keep people from recovering the hidden artifact. Rogelio appeared to be of the Catholic faith as he prayed for help when he realized that he was being kidnapped by a group of Honduran revolutionaries under the leadership of a man named Rafael. He tried to make a run for freedom, but was shot in the back by Chalo and left for dead. He was found by CIA Agent Burke and Col. Jack O'Neill as they tracked down Daniel and Lee in the jungle where they had last been located via their Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) devices. Rogelio asked that Jack and Burke leave him to find the two scientists and reassured them that he was going to be okay because he had been shot before. Burke gave him some chewing gum which Rogelio said that he loved and sent in a rescue medical unit to take Rogelio to safety.


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