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Chalo was a member of a Honduran revolutionary group which kidnapped civilians, usually Americans, in order to receive ransom to buy weapons. He was second in command under the group's leader, Rafael. When the group kidnapped Drs. Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee who were in Honduras to find a piece of Ancient technology called the Telchak Device, Chalo was given the order to kill the Americans' Honduran guide, Rogelio. Chalo shot Rogelio as he was trying to run away, leaving him for dead. Eventually, Rafael's curiousity about the Telchak Device led to the device being activated and some of the men in the group were exposed to its energy. Chalo asked that Rafael turn the device off, but Rafael had been so affected by the device's energy that he killed Chalo for questioning his authority, showing that the device had extremely altered his personality. Chalo's dead body was exposed to the energy of the device even further and it was reanimated, making Chalo appear as a zombie. Eventually, Chalo's reanimated body was blown into bits by CIA Agent Burke who had been sent with Col. Jack O'Neill to rescue the two scientists (7.11 "Evolution Part 1" and 7.12 "Evolution Part 2").


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