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Maj. Vallarin
Vallarin as host to Goa'uld Marduk


Maj. Vallarin of the Russian Army was on the Russian Stargate Team which went with SG-1 on a search and rescue mission to find a lost Russian team, in the episode, 5.08 "The Tomb".

Character Biography

Vallarin was under the command of Col. Zukhov as the team went to P2X-338, a planet apparently linked to Babylon and its chief deity, Marduk. Once the two teams were inside the ziggarut where they believed the other team had been entrapped, things started to go downhill fast. Lt. Marchenko, one of Vallarin's teammates, was crushed to death by the closing ziggurat door and Lt. Tolinev was bitten by the creature which had killed the first Russian team, their bodies picked clean down to the bone.

While Daniel stayed in the main portion of the ziggurat to study the inscriptions and attend to the injured Tolinev, Vallarin left his post after hearing something further down the hall. He was supposed to stay with someone else in a buddy system arrangement, but he disobeyed those orders. Unfortunately, he became the new host of Marduk. It transferred to him from the creature which had been placed in the Goa'uld's sarcophagus to cause the former System Lord eternal torment.

Vallarin's commanding officer was killed by a cave-in after attempting to kill Marduk by tossing him a live grenade instead of the Eye of Tiamat as Marduk had requested. Vallarin, as Marduk's new host, was killed when the surviving members of the expedition (SG-1 and Lt. Tolinev) set off an explosion which caused the ziggurat to cave in. They had found a ring transporter which took them to another temple nearby and were able to make it back home through the stargate.


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