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Col. Zukhov


Col. Zukhov was a Russian Army officer assigned as the leader of a Russian Stargate Team which joined SG-1 on a search and rescue mission in the episode, 5.08 "The Tomb".

Character Biography

Col. Zukhov was the leader of a Russian Stargate Team which included Maj. Vallarin, Lt. Tolinev, and Lt. Marchenko. His team was assigned to go with SG-1 on a search and rescue mission to find out the fate of another Russian team which had gone to P2X-338, a planet apparently linked to Babylon and its chief deity, Marduk. The original team had been on an archaeological expedition to find the Eye of Tiamat, an artifact which was supposed to hold great power.

Zukhov and Jack did not get along very well. Jack and he were fine when they talked about their favorite weapons, but when it came to the mission, Jack was all business. Once the two teams arrived at their destination, Daniel had to decipher a code on the door to the ziggarut in which they believed the Russian expedition team was trapped. Daniel was able to decode the lock and soon the teams were inside.

One problem after another plagued the teams' progress. They discovered the skeletal remains of the original Russian team—their bones picked clean by some kind of creature with teeth. They lost Lt. Marchenko when he attempted to get back through the closing door to the ziggurat and was crushed to death. They discovered the research notes of Dr. Britski, the archaeologist leading the expedition, and Zukhov secreted away the recovered Eye of Tiamat, hiding it from everyone's view. SG-1 had not been informed that the Eye was found.

They discovered the opened sarcophagus that the Goa'uld Marduk was banished into by his priests. A creature was put into the sarcophagus with him—one destined to torment him for eternity inside the healing device. When the original Russian team opened the sarcophagus, they let the creature out and the symbiote was inside of it!

Tension mounted between the two colonels. They ended up pointing their weapons at each other when they were informed that the creature was dead but the symbiote was not in it. That meant that one of them had become the new host. Vallarin finally revealed himself as the new host and Zukhov tossed him a live grenade instead of the Eye as Marduk had requested. The resulting cave-in killed Zukhov, but not Marduk.

SG-1 was able to kill Marduk in Vallarin's body by causing the ziggurat to cave in with strategically placed C-4 explosives. SG-1 used a ring transporter that Daniel discovered to escape just before the explosion. The only surviving member of the Russians was Lt. Tolinev.

In the episode, 6.22 "Full Circle", it was revealed that Anubis had located the Eye of Tiamat and used it to create a superweapon on his mothership. The Eye was indeed powerful as the Russians had suspected.


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