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Tor of P3R-118


Tor was the personality stamped onto Teal'c on the planet P3R-118. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")

Character Biography

Tor was engaged in the more physically-demanding tasks of maintaining the power plant, most likely due to his strong physique. He shoveled coal into the fires and turned large valves on boilers.

Because Teal'c carried a symbiote and was a Jaffa, his body rejected the personality stamp sooner than those of his teammates. When he witnessed a fight break out between Jack and Daniel, called Jonah and Carlin, respectively, his memories of who he was and of SG-1 came back to him. He attempted to break up the fight, insisting that the two men were friends and teammates. He also insisted that they escape.

Teal'c was immediately taken away and stamped again. Brenna, his supervisor, insisted that the bandages covering his symbiote pouch remain in place. Because he did not know that he was a Jaffa and needed to kel-no-reem, Teal'c's health began to deteriote.

Carlin tried to get more information from Tor after the second stamp. Tor, however, was very rude and told Carlin not to speak to him again.

After Tor got sick and was taken to the medical room, he decided to remove the bandages which Brenna insisted remain untouched. Once he saw his symbiote pouch, Teal'c remembered to kel-no-reem and restore his health. Not long afterwards, the rest of SG-1 was told of their identities and their memories returned. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")


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