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Kegan of P3R-118


Kegan was one of the underground power plant workers of the planet P3R-118. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")

Character Biography

The members of SG-1 were captured and stamped with alternate personalities to work in an underground power plant which controlled the environment of a domed city on a planet going through an ice age.

Kegan had various roles in her section of the underground power plant. She served the workers their meals, kept a watch over Carlin (Daniel Jackson), and seemed to have a leadership role in her section, which included cleaning and maintaining the equipment.

Whether or not she and Carlin were lovers remains unrevealed, but she slept next to him in their bunk room and seemed very possessive of his time and attention. She was jealous of Thera (Samantha Carter) and felt that Thera and Jonah (Jack O'Neill) thought that they were better than everyone else. The history of her dislike for them was not explored since it was obvious that the personality stamps were meant to make the workers "happy", believing it to be their honor to serve. They were not aware of the domed city above them and of the people, such as Administrator Calder, who lived in comfort at their expense.

Kegan refused to serve Thera bread at one meal and Jonah and Carlin got in a fight after Jonah grabbed Kegan's arm and demanded that she give Thera the bread. It was at this point that Teal'c's stamp failed and he remembered that Daniel and Jack were friends and that they belonged on SG-1 and needed to escape. Kegan dismissed Teal'c's behavior as night sickness, an ailment of the mind. She believed that his name was Tor, not Teal'c.

When Carlin began to question what Teal'c had revealed, he started to have dreams which showed him with Jonah going through the Stargate. He also dreamed of Kegan trying to prevent him from going with Jonah. Because she was in his dreams, it is possible that he valued her friendship and indentified her as an important part of his life.

Kegan threatened to take her friendship away from Carlin after he started to hang out with Jonah and Thera. After the plant went through a near-disaster and Carlin, Jonah, Thera, and Kegan had an active part in saving the people, Kegan softened once again to him. He left her side when she fell asleep to meet with Jonah and Thera in secret to discuss the awakening memories. The next morning, Kegan was smiling at him as if they had never had a disagreement. Carlin apologized to her about making new friends, but he did not stop seeing Jonah and Thera to pursue the truth of who they were and what they had done before their memories became clear in the power plant.

Kegan tried to deny that Jonah was telling the truth of the domed city, but Carlin/Daniel asked her to believe him. She seemed torn, still valuing her friendship and trust in him. She was shocked, as were all of the workers, when Jack exposed the domed city above them, but reveled in the sunlight which fell on her, most probably for the first time in her life. Kegan was most likely evacuated with the rest of the underground workers to a planet Jack said had beaches which went on forever.

We have not heard about Kegan and her fellow workers since. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")


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