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Sr. Airman Simon Wells


Sr. Airman Simon Wells was a member of SG-13 and was injured on the planet P3X-666 in the Season Seven episodes, 7.17 "Heroes Part 1" and 7.18 "Heroes Part 2".

Character Biography

Simon Wells was married to Marci and they were expecting their first child when he went on the mission with SG-13 to the planet designated as P3X-666. While making their way from the stargate on the planet, the group of four men talked lightly about being a parent. Wells' commanding officer, Col. Dave Dixon, had four children and he explained all the pros and cons of being a parent, adding that he enjoyed his missions because they got him away from the kids. Wells couldn't be toppled from the cloud he was sitting on with the Colonel's rather cynical rendition of life as a parent of four. The Colonel added, though, at the end of his story, that he wouldn't change a thing and Wells said that he was looking forward to every moment of it.

Unexpectedly, the team found Ancient ruins and their team archeaologist, Dr. Cameron Balinsky, asked for time to study them. While sitting nearby, Wells and his teammates looked at the latest sonogram picture of his unborn child. Wells said that it was a boy, but Dixon was not convinced.

The team was ambushed by a remote device, similar to the SGC's MALPs. This device, however, could fly. They were able to disable it, but not before it sent a message to its master, most likely Anubis. Soon, there were Jaffa attacking the team, and Wells was hit in the back with a staff blast. The team was able to get reinforcements and medical assistance, but the fighting was heavy. Colonel Jack O'Neill was injured and Dr. Janet Fraiser was killed while trying to save Wells' life. The SGC was able to get the rest of their personnel out alive.

Wells blamed himself for Dr. Fraiser's death, but he was consoled by Daniel Jackson who was also a witness to her death. After a few weeks of recovery, Daniel visited Wells at his home, bringing a teddy bear with him as a gift to Wells' newborn daughter. Dixon had been right about the sonogram! Wells and his wife Marci named the baby Janet in honor of their slain comrade, friend, and doctor.


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