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While the documentary crew continues its efforts, SG-1 and Dr. Fraiser join the rescue of SG-13. As the teams return, it's clear something has gone horribly wrong. The NID begins investigating as the documentary director tries to learn what happened, and what part of it Daniel may have caught on tape. The tragic truth is finally revealed, and the SGC is changed forever.

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Documentary filmmaker Emmett Bregman and his crew, Tech Sergeant Dale James and Airman First Class Shep Wickenhouse, are bumped from their scheduled time to tape shots of the Stargate since Bregman is not allowed to shoot "ongoing activity." And a lot of activity is going on: SG-1 has just gone through the 'Gate to planet P3X-666, along with Marine Combat unit SG-5 and Dr. Janet Fraiser with two medical technicians.

At an editing console with his crew, Bregman reviews all the interview footage he's gotten so far. Colonel O'Neill and General Hammond are still unwilling to be part of, as Hammond put it, Bregman's "little reality show." Because of all the restrictions placed on him, all Bregman has is a bunch of talking-head interviews. "Where's the equivalent shot of [Apollo 14 commander Alan] Shepard playing golf on the moon?" he asks rhetorically. "This is unbelievably boring."

But what's happening on the other planet is far from boring: The SG teams and Fraiser have 'Gated into an ambush. Colonel Dixon of SG-13 had reported only that six Jaffa had invaded the site, but now they are facing an army of them, with Alkesh gliders dropping plasma bombs left and right. A retreat is in order but Dr. Fraiser needs more time to stabilize a patient before he can be moved. O'Neill, trying to buy her that time, goes to take out an approaching Jaffa—and he takes a blast square in the chest.

O'Neill is down—smoldering and unmoving.

Back at Stargate Command, Bregman is interviewing a technician about the equipment when an incoming-wormhole alert sounds. Hammond orders Bregman away, but the filmmaker takes the camera in his own hands and keeps shooting as a covered gurney is wheeled by. Then he sees Carter coming down the hallway, where the crew is authorized to shoot. She's crying and shouts, "Shut that damn thing off!" When Sgt. James complies, Bregman turns livid. "You turn that camera off when I tell you to turn it off!" he orders, and goes on to explain: "You force the press into the cold and all you'll get is lies and innuendo, and nothing is worse for a free society than a press that is in service to the military and the politicians. Nothing!"

Shortly afterward, Bregman hears that someone may have died—and a shaken Colonel Rundell, the public-affairs liaison, says it was O'Neill who was wheeled in on the gurney.

Later, the mood is solemn at SGC as Hammond asks Major Carter to give the eulogy at the memorial service. At the same time he tells her to cooperate with Richard Woolsey, who was sent by Senator Kinsey, chairman of the Intelligence Oversight Committee, to review Hammond's command decision to try to rescue SG-13, and to interview Carter, Teal'c and Dr. Daniel Jackson. A former government attorney now with the NID, Woolsey gets little information from any of them, except that all involved acted bravely.

Bregman asks Daniel whether he captured any of the offworld events with the videocamera he always takes along. In flashback, Daniel remembers helping Dr. Fraiser stabilize the badly wounded Airman Wells, whose wife is expecting a baby. A pensive Daniel then tells Bregman to get out. Meanwhile, Hammond and Woolsey face off over the money being spent on a war the American people know nothing about. Hammond, tired of the NID's secret memos and harassing investigations, begins to believe there should be a record of what goes on at SGC beyond the classified reports. He later suggests to Daniel that letting Bregman see the offworld tape is the right thing to do.

Daniel does so. And a shocked Bregman sees that Dr. Fraiser, while stabilizing her patient, was shot and killed by a Jaffa blast.

Later, in the infirmary, Carter visits the recovering O'Neill. Later still we learn that Airman Wells will be fine as well; Dr. Fraiser's decision to remain and stabilize him saved his life—and he and his wife have named their baby girl Janet in her honor. Daniel insists that Bregman use the footage of Dr. Fraiser's sacrifice, as a testament to her courage and dedication.

At the memorial service, Carter delivers the eulogy with the help of some sentiments from Teal'c. Instead of talking about how Janet Fraiser gave her life for her country, she instead reads the names—starting with her own—of all the men and women whose lives Dr. Fraiser saved.

Later still, when General Hammond sees Bregman's finished documentary, he is overwhelmed and admits he was wrong. He tells Bregman this is a fitting testimonial to those who have given their lives for the Stargate program. But Bregman says there's still one thing missing that could make a big difference. Hammond says he'll take care of it. And soon Colonel Jack O'Neill is at last ready to go on record for the sake of the program and the men and women in it.

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