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Sal is the owner of a diner near a Trust safehouse. He gave Vala refuge and a job when she lost her memory.

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Sal is a married man with three kids and a Shih Tzu dog with gastrointestinal problems. He bought a diner from Sol, but never bothered to change the name. An amnesiac Vala wandered into the diner and ate a meal soon after she escaped the warehouse where members of the Trust had held her. When Vala was leaving the diner without paying for the meal, Sal confronted her. Although initially skeptical about her purported memory loss, he took pity on her. Sal offered her a job at the diner and let her sleep in the back room, complete with a television.

After two weeks taking refuge at the diner, Vala confessed to Sal she was thinking of moving on. Sal convinced her to stay, pointing out she had nowhere else to go. Here she had a roof over her head and people who cared about her. He also was concerned at her occasional flashbacks, but she continued to refuse medical attention. Soon afterwards, two young men tried to rob the diner and its patrons. Sal was in the kitchen, and by the time he grabbed an appropriate utensil (a very large meat tenderizer), Vala had incapacitated the two men. Her actions brought her to the attention of the police, and she was taken by diner regular Detective Ryan back to the police station to file a report.

It is unclear if Sal ever learned what happened to Vala afterwards, since the police put the Trust and the SGC on Vala's trail, and she eventually regained her memory.


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