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Alternate Character: Airman Ryan of SG-6 from 9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1"

Detective Ryan


Detective Ryan is a police detective and frequent patron of Sol's Diner. He came to know Vala when she was suffering from amnesia.

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Ryan is a police detective and apparently a father of at least one young child. He also drinks a lot of coffee. Ryan frequented a nearby deli, Sol's diner. He was finishing his lunch there one day when the owner, Sal, was confronting a dark haired woman about her unpaid bill. Although he offered his assistance, Sal waved him off. The woman, who he came to know as "Val", became a waitress at the diner.

Two weeks later, Val prevented an armed robbery, and Detective Ryan brought her down to the station to file a report. He noted she was evasive in her answers, merely agreeing when he asked if Val was short for Valerie, and coming up with a last name of "Toodad", which Ryan noted she got from reading his child's picture addressed "To Dad". After Vala tried to sneak out while he was refilling his coffee, Ryan had her picture sent out as a Jane Doe for identification. He did not believe her story that she was suffering from memory loss.

Ryan was contacted by the SGC and told that a Lt. Col. Carter would be arriving soon for Val. Despite Val's pleading to let her leave, he refused to get involved with national security issues. A woman and man in USAF uniforms came and arrested Ms. Mal Doran. Ryan was slightly disturbed at her pleading as the two led her away, and watched them put her in a government sedan. He then went to refill his coffee cup, when he met Lt. Col. Carter and the rest of SG-1, all in civilian clothes and looking for Vala. He told them what had happened and described the car as they raced after the imposters (members of the Trust).

Later, Detective Ryan took the report of a young man Vala carjacked and provided the information to Carter, Daniel and Teal'c, who were now missing Vala and Lt. Col. Mitchell. He also explained the "government sedan" was a stolen car from Forsyte Chemicals. Detective Ryan had an APB out on the carjacked vehicle. SG-1 soon left when they found out they had a location from Mitchell's transmitter, leaving a nonplussed Ryan in their wake.


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