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Ronon Dex


Ronon Dex was a military officer (rank of Specialist) for his planet Sateda when it was destroyed by the Wraith. The Wraith took him to their hive ship so that they could feed on him, but decided to convert him into a "runner", a tagged prey in a ritual hunt the Wraith used to perfect their skills. Ronon was rescued by the Atlantis Expedition Team and joined Sheppard's unit.

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Specialist Ronon Dex had been running from the Wraith for seven years when Sheppard's team encountered him. The Wraith had implanted him with a tracking device which forced Ronon to keep moving from one planet to another as he was hunted. Turning into a hunter himself, Ronon learned to fight the Wraith to stay alive.

Sheppard offered to help Ronon by having Dr. Beckett remove the tracking device in exchange for Ronon's help in capturing Lt. Aiden Ford who was AWOL because of his addiction to the Wraith's enzyme. Ford escaped from the planet before Ronon could meet his end of the bargain.

Nevertheless, Sheppard took Ronon to Atlantis. They used a MALP to determine if Ronon's homeworld, Sateda, could be safely visited, but found that it was completely devastated. Ronon had nowhere else to go. Sheppard invited him to join his team because of his superior fighting skills and his knowledge of the enemy. During a trading mission with Teyla, Ronon met up with some of his fellow Satedans who told him that there were more than 300 survivors from Sateda scattered throughout the galaxy. Ronon was overcome with joy, but his memories still hold emotional scars because his lover (she was "close enough" to be considered his wife) was killed during the Wraith's attack.

Ronon has a pure hatred for the Wraith and is merciless when it comes to doing battle. He carries all manner of weapons, including a powerful blaster gun (which he can set to stun as well as to kill) and various knives which he hides on his person, even within his hair!


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