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Dr. Reya Varrick


Dr. Reya Varrick was the scientist in charge of the mind graft project on Galar. After leaving a cocktail party celebrating the success of the project, she was brutally murdered. Col. Mitchell, seen leaving the party with her and present at the house when her body was discovered, was accused of her murder.

Character Biography

Dr. Reya Varrick was one of the scientists that worked on modifying the Goa'uld technology discovered by the Galarans almost a century beforehand. She and her husband, Dr. Marell, both worked together, but apparently their work caused too much of a strain on their marriage and they separated.

It was her efforts that finally led to the breakthrough in modifying the Goa'uld memory device. As recognition of her efforts, the government placed her in charge of the entire project, under the direction of the Emissary and the Ring Project. Due to her work, she was able to afford better luxuries than most of the scientists she knew from her days at the Academy. She lived in a spacious home.

A year after being made head of the project and about two years after becoming estranged from her husband, SG-1 arrived on the planet. While SG-1 was there, she demonstrated the technology on willing subject, Col. Cameron Mitchell and was pleased at his enthusiastic response.

Later, SG-1 returned to join in a reception celebrating her team's success on the project. Varrick spent a great deal of time with Col. Mitchell. Their conversation was interrupted when her estranged husband, Marell approached, and pulled her aside. Marell explained that the next stage of the project had already been moved up in the schedule and the first group of volunteers were all military.

Upset at this military influence into her project she loudly confronted the Emissary. Unsatisfied with his response, she left the party. Col. Mitchell stopped her and offered to use whatever influence he had to try and keep her more involved in the project. Varrick asked Mitchell to walk her home. Once there, the flirtation they established moved on to kissing, and she and Col. Mitchell were pursuing a romantic turn to their relationship when tragedy struck.

Varrick's estranged husband, Marell, had observed Mitchell and Varrick at the party, and became enraged at the flirtation. He arrived and knocked Col. Mitchell unconscious through use of some type of electrical stun weapon, possibly a zat, and beat Reya repeatedly with a heavy sculpture. She died from her injuries. Marell erased the memory from his own mind and grafted them onto Col. Mitchell's to make Cameron believe he was the murderer, then returned the unconscious Mitchell to the scene of the crime, leaving blood on Mitchell's hands and his estranged wife's body for the authorities to find.


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