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Emissary of Galar


The Emissary was the individual in charge of the "ring project"on Galar, that planet's version of the Stargate Program. The Emissary was primarily concerned with making alliances that would garner more technology for the planet. He acted as ambassador for the alien cultures they met, and appeared to have been part of the military establishment on the planet.

Character Biography

The Emissary acted as ambassador to alien cultures when the Ring Project first got underway. A year before meeting SG-1, he made contact with at least a dozen new worlds and had discovered a host of new technologies, including that many places had interstellar travel capabilities. Though aware of the protection of the Asgard, the Emissary shared his government's concern that their world may be vulnerable to attack and tried to form alliances that would help protect the planet.

Though never explicitly stated, based upon his uniform and stated and implied references, he appears to have been a part of the military establishment controlling the Ring Project. He had a supervisory relationship with the memory implant technology headed by Dr. Varrick. He informed her personally of her promotion to leader of the project, and was the person she appealed to when she first discovered the military's increased involvement in the project. The Emissary appeared to have been in charge of the Ring Project, as well as having influence on the development of alien-related technology.

When Col. Mitchell was accused of committing the murder of Dr. Varrick, the Emissary used his influence to ensure Mitchell received diplomatic immunity. He was surprised when Mitchell did not accept his offer. The Emissary was more concerned with forging a treaty with Earth and the continuation of the Memory Project than he was in discovering who murdered his lead scientist. He only allowed the continuation of the investigation at Dr. Jackson's threats of breaking off diplomatic ties.

When the next best scientist in the project was discovered to be the true killer, the memory device was used to alter the murderer's memory of the events so that he would be able to continue his work on the project. Although it is not clear that the Emissary ordered this action be taken, he clearly had no qualms with the result.

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