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Commander Kiva


Commander Kiva, the daughter of the Lucian Alliance's powerful warlord Massin, managed to dial the Ancient exploratory vessel Destiny and take control away from the Stargate Program. Her victory was short-lived after she was shot by Col. David Telford and died shortly thereafter. (SGU: 1.18 "Subversion", 1.19 "Incursion Part 1", 1.20 "Incursion Part 2", 2.01 "Intervention")

Character Biography

According to Stargate Program intelligence, Kiva's father Massin is one of the most brutal of the Lucian Alliance warlords, and apparently his daughter inherited the tendency. She was the leader of a large base of over 100 personnel who followed her every order, some of whom seemed to be more afraid of her than respectful. (SGU 1.18 "Subversion")

Alliance's fleet is destroyed in their attack on Icarus Base

Kiva's group had been infiltrated by a Stargate Program spy, Col. David Telford. He was with them for about a year and then was discovered and brainwashed so that he would become a traitor to his own people by divulging secret information to the Alliance to further their attempts to acquire the Destiny. The Alliance found out about Icarus Base from Telford and coordinated a massive attack complete with Goa'uld death gliders, troop transports, and ha'tak motherships. Telford, who was the leader of the expedition that was to go through the Stargate once the nine-chevron code made a connection, flew an F-302 to defend the base and was left behind when the surviving base personnel evacuated through the Stargate. The Stargate was supposed to be connected to Earth for the evacuation, but at the time of the attack, Dr. Nicholas Rush, the lead scientist of the Project, decided to dial the nine-chevron code instead, thinking that he'd never get another chance. Because the planet's core was rich in the unstable naquadria, the entire planet and the attacking Alliance fleet blew apart and were utterly destroyed. (SGU: 1.01 "Air Part 1", 1.18 "Subversion")

Because Telford was brainwashed, he did everything he could to get close to the Destiny, including volunteering to swap bodies with anyone on the ship who was using the communications stones. He then fed what he learned to Kiva, including providing Earth computers, the dialing program, and the formula for powering the Stargate using the naquadria core. Kiva's lead scientist Olan tried to make the dialing formula work for their unique planet, but he wasn't making much headway. Because he feared her, he kept reassuring that they were getting close to successfully dialing Destiny. (SGU 1.18 "Subversion")

Not long after having a stone session with Telford, Rush experienced a vivid dream in which he, as Telford, was meeting with his Alliance contacts on Earth. Rush immediately went to Col. Everett Young, the commander of Icarus and Destiny, to devise a plan in which Rush would pretend to be Telford to discover what the Alliance was planning, while Telford, in Rush's body, would be available for interrogation on Destiny. (SGU 1.18 "Subversion")

Kiva takes Rush away from Earth in a Goa'uld cargo ship

Kiva and a few of her men met Rush, but soon determined that he was not Telford. She ordered her second-in-command Dannic to torture Telford's body with a weapon similar to a Goa'uld pain stick to get the impostor to talk. Unable to bear the torture any longer, Rush identified himself. Kiva was elated. She knew that Rush was the lead scientist of Icarus and immediately had him sent to her base to revise the formula that Olan was working on. Rush tried to stall and Kiva had Dannic kill Olan before Rush's eyes in response to Rush's bluff that Olan was incompetent. Unfortunately for Olan, Kiva had already suspected it. (SGU 1.18 "Subversion")

With Telford in custody, Young tried to break his brainwashing through various means, but then had to resort to taking him to death's door. Once revived, Telford told Young that Kiva planned to board and take Destiny by force. Young began his preparations to defend his ship. His plan was simple: isolate the Alliance members in the 'gate room when they come through the Stargate and then evacuate the air. (SGU 1.19 "Incursion Part 1")

Telford also told Young the location of the base where Kiva was holding Rush. Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill sent the USS George Hammond to take the base and rescue Rush. With another Icarus-type planet, they'd be able to dial Destiny and send sorely-needed supplies—and possibly additional personnel. But like Icarus before it, the Alliance planet's core went critical from the energy blasts of the powerful Daedalus-class starship. Once again, Rush found himself dialing the nine-chevron code in desperation to escape. Kiva managed to get only a portion of her personnel on Destiny before her base's planet blew apart. Col. Samantha Carter, the commander of the Hammond, managed to leave the area before the planet blew apart, but had to leave behind two F-302s and their pilots. (SGU 1.19 "Incursion Part 1")

Young was ready to push the button to start the evacuation of the air in the 'gate room until he saw Telford come through. This hesitation gave the Alliance time to secure a foothold and take hostages. Kiva was tempered only by Telford, who was pretending that he was still on her side. He prevented Kiva from executing her hostages, especially Lt. Tamara Johansen, whom he identified as valuable because she was a medic. Kiva immediately had Johansen operate on one of her lieutenants named Varro. She even sent Koz to help Johansen with the procedure. (SGU 1.19 "Incursion Part 1")

But Kiva's blood still ran cold when she shot her hostage Rivers after Young tried to ambush Kiva under the pretense of exchanging MSgt. Ronald Greer for Johansen. Kiva saw that Greer was armed and took Johansen back, killing Rivers in retaliation. (SGU 1.20 "Incursion Part 2")

Kiva didn't trust Young anymore, so Camile Wray became the key negotiator. During their battles of wits, the crew also had to contend with hazardous environmental issues because the Destiny had stopped near a binary pulsar that was emitting harmful radiation that the ship's shields couldn't hold back for much longer. Even one of Kiva's men had been reduced to ashes when he was under one of the hull breaches that wasn't completely covered by the weakening shields. (SGU: 1.19 "Incursion Part 1", 1.20 "Incursion Part 2")

Kiva lies unconscious in infirmary without medical aid

Wray managed to convince Kiva to give Lt. Matthew Scott and Greer access to another breach on the Alliance's side so that they could reach an array on the outside of the ship to divert power to the shields to protect the ship's most vulnerable sides. At the same time these men were executing their EVA, Telford was attempting to secretly transfer control to Rush who was hidden away in an auxiliary control room. Kiva discovered Telford in the 'gate room, and they both shot each other simultaneously. Upon their discovery, Dannic concluded that Young had ordered his soldiers to ambush them. Young declared that that had not been the case, but Dannic didn't believe him. Instead, he ordered that all of the military hostages be brought to him, presumably for execution. (SGU 1.20 "Incursion Part 2")

Following these orders in the infirmary where Telford and Kiva had been taken, one of the Alliance soldiers began to herd an injured marine toward the door. The marine decided to jump his captor and during the struggle, the Alliance soldier's automatic weapon began firing, spraying bullets all over the room. After the foray ended, the only two people left standing were Varro and Koz of the Alliance. The marine, Johansen, and Sgt. Hunter Riley were all hit, as well as other Alliance members who had brought in Telford and Kiva. With Johansen disabled, Kiva's survival became even more uncertain. (SGU 1.20 "Incursion Part 2")

Even with skilled surgeons brought in to operate on the wounded (through the use of the communication stones), Kiva's life could not be saved. (SGU 2.01 "Intervention")


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