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1st Lt. Tamara Johansen


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From MGM: This strong-willed medic had one foot out of the door, medical school scholarship in hand, when the Icarus base was attacked. Suddenly she finds herself the chief medical officer aboard the Destiny. Tamara is highly respected by those around her, but struggles with her own insecurities and working without the tools or support she needs. She is one of the only people aboard able to bridge the often rocky divide between civilian and military.

Personal Data

  • Birthday:
  • Birthplace:
  • Marital Status: Formerly in a relationship with Everett Young, her senior officer and a married man
  • Children:
  • Parents:
  • Siblings:
  • Stargate Program Rank: United States Air Force First Lieutenant
  • Stargate Program Position: Assigned to the Icarus Base, and due to circumstances, given chief medical officer duties under Col. Everett Young aboard Destiny

Before Joining the Stargate Program

Icarus Base and Destiny

"I play Lieutenant Tamara Johansen. She's a medic. She's quite skilled, so she's well-respected—got some power. She's the only medical officer on board. Tamara definitely has her insecurities. I think she feels like she was just sort of immediately thrust into this position. I think it's overwhelming. I think the whole experience for everyone is overwhelming and then all these things come up and we're off-world and we have no resources or very little resources. There is a lot of stress and a lot of insecurities and I think she takes a lot of that on. I typically play really confident, kind of ass-kicking characters, so it is nice to have that inner struggle." (Alaina Huffman, MGM Character Profile video)

Johansen is not only the sole medical officer aboard Destiny, but she also has to fill in as the resident psychologist. Because many of the people who are stranded aboard the Destiny are going through challenging adjustments, Johansen is appointed by Col. Young to give psychological counseling, even though she had only one psychology course in undergraduate school. Young sends MSgt. Ronald Greer to her so that she can determine what's behind his anger and why he keeps to himself, but is first in line to sacrifice himself to save others. (Based on spoilers for "Air", subject to change; see Solutions: SGU Audition Sides Reveal Characters, Technology, November 21, 2008)

"I think she's got a lot vulnerability, I think there's a lot of opportunity. There's a story line coming up that she has to deal with a lot of her inner feelings and it's going to be a stressful situation for her. I think voyeuristically watching those human moments unfold and how she deals with it and the bonds that develop because of that is what I'm looking forward to. If it's anything like the other two shows it's going to be five years down the road or ten years down the road and we really don't know what the resolution will be so I like the process of developing the character." (Alaina Huffman, Moviehole interview, August 11, 2009)

Hobbies and Other Interests

  • Romance: "TJ had an affair with her colonel so that's kind of a very icky subject because he's her senior and that relationship is sort of dealt with and it's a little bit of an elephant in the room. You're military and then you're stuck on a ship in the middle of space with a guy you had an affair with, that's weird." (Alaina Huffman, Moviehole interview, August 11, 2009)

Injuries, Illnesses/Sicknesses, Deaths

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