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O'Neill lifts either Kayla or Tessa as Hammond watches


Kayla and her sister Tessa are the granddaughters of George Hammond.

Character Biography

Kayla is one of George Hammond's granddaughters. She has an older sister, Tessa, and at the time Gen. Hammond was stationed at Cheyenne Mountain, she lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Hammond is very close to his grandchildren. When the NID tried to blackmail Hammond, the only threat that worked was when they picked up Kayla and Tessa at school and drove them around for a few hours before returning them unharmed (4.15 "Chain Reaction). Hammond immediately retired to keep his granddaughters out of danger. Hammond was able to return to duty when O'Neill and Maybourne uncovered Kinsey's involvement in the threats to Hammond's family. Kayla and Tessa had #1 speed dial status on his red telephone, above the President of the United States (6.12 "Unnatural Selection").

Kayla was able to call her grandfather at work, and enjoyed telling him important events of her life, like when she lost a tooth (3.21 "Crystal Skull"). Hammond was very active in his grandchildren's lives as his work permitted. He apologized to Kayla that he may not be able to see her in her school play because he had to help find a lost friend (Daniel Jackson). Kayla seemed to understand when she asked him if it was a close friend.

Kayla knew at least one of Hammond's colleagues from work, Col. Jack O'Neill. She and her sister greeted Jack enthusiastically when he visited their grandfather during his temporary forced retirement (4.15 "Chain Reaction").


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