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Col. Harry Maybourne


Col. Harry Maybourne was a USAF officer and rogue NID agent with complex morals and loyalties. He was later arrested for treason, but managed to escape and start a new life on his own planet as King Arkhan the First. (1.17 "Enigma", 8.13 "It's Good To Be King")

Character Biography

Air Force Career

Maybourne reports to the SGC to take the Tollans
Maybourne shows SG-1 where the Antarctic Stargate is stored at Area 51
Carter contacts Maybourne about foothold at the SGC

After Colonel Kennedy was promoted, Colonel Harry Maybourne stepped into his position at the NID, headquartered in the Pentagon. The NID answers to the President of the United States and the Joint Chiefs. One of his first assignments was to fulfill the orders to have the Tollan, who had been rescued from their dying planet by SG-1, released into his section so that they might be "pursuaded" to share their advanced technology in the fight against the Goa'uld. Maybourne had the full backing of the President to relocate them to a secure facility in the Rockies. SG-1 devised a plan in which Daniel would help the Tollan contact the Nox and escape with their help. The Nox, represented by Lya, answered the Tollan's transmission and welcomed them to go home with her. While making their escape through the stargate, Colonel Maybourne attempted to have the security personnel open fire to prevent their leaving. Lya was able to remove the weapons from their hands before any bullets were fired. Maybourne threatened to have Daniel removed from the Stargate Program after he was reminded that Daniel was not part of the military and could not be brought before a court martial. Maybourne's relationship with the SGC had been established as "us against them" as far as the SGC and the NID were concerned, continuing pretty much in the same vein as it had been when Colonel Kennedy was the NID's spokesman. (1.17 "Enigma")

Maybourne still did not endear himself to SG-1 nor General Hammond when Teal'c became ill after being stung by an alien insect on the planet BP6-3Q1. The venom of this alien "bug" contained a retrovirus which caused the alien's DNA to overwrite Teal'c's, thus causing him to change into that lifeform. Maybourne had orders to take Teal'c to his research facility where he could be observed and treated. However, Maybourne felt it was a unique opportunity for his organization's mandate of research and development to be upheld, so instead of helping Teal'c, it was Maybourne's aim to allow the transformation to complete so as to allow the scientists to develop a biological weapon. Teal'c was overcome with pain and the urge to flee during his transport to Maybourne's facility and in the process of making his escape, Maybourne's right arm was injured and he had to hold it in a sling. After Teal'c's escape, there was a race between Jack and Maybourne to be the first to find him. General Hammond was able to get the President to overrule Maybourne's orders and Maybourne returned to his post empty-handed. During this encounter with Maybourne, Jack made his distaste further known by promising him, "I'm not going to hit you, Maybourne. I'm going to shoot you." (2.10 "Bane")

Maybourne received a transfer to work at Area 51 in Nevada, also known as Nellis (Air Force Base). At about this same time, pieces of alien technology were being stolen by people who looked very much like those from the SGC. One of the first victims of these thieves was the planet Madrona which had a weather-controlling device called the "Touchstone". Madrona had been terraformed by another, more advanced alien race about 900 years ago. The Madronans, however, were not knowledgeable about the technology left behind. SG-1 went to Area 51 to see if Maybourne had the device there since the Earth's weather had been affected unexplicably, leading them to believe that the device was being studied on Earth. Maybourne said that it was not there and had never been. During the course of the investigation at Area 51, SG-1 discovered that the second stargate (the one discovered in Antarctica in the episode, 1.18 "Solitudes") had been replaced by a plastic replica in its crate and was being used to operate the thieving ring. General Hammond was successful in locating the stargate at an airstrip in Utah and he sent SG-1 to recover it. SG-1 arrived in the nick of time to recover the Touchstone before the thieves 'gated to another planet, the coordinates for which they missed seeing on the DHD which was in the back of a transport truck. The Touchstone was returned to Madrona and it appeared that relations with the people were mended. Maybourne and SG-1 witnessed the second stargate being sealed with a permanent iris and put under guard by those from the SGC under Hammond's command. In his departing words to Maybourne, Jack implied that Maybourne knew about the thieves and that he was out of a job once the stargate was sealed. Although Maybourne appeared to take all of this in stride, his last words to Jack before SG-1 left were, "People get reassigned, so does property. Artifacts get misplaced. Orders change. Every day's a new day." In his way of thinking, this was only a temporary setback because, "Strange things happen in high places." (2.14 "Touchstone")

An alien species was able to infiltrate the SGC by impersonating SG-6 returning from the planet P3X-118. Carter and Teal'c were the only ones who could not be successfully impersonated with the mimicking devices these aliens used. In an attempt to inform the outside of the foothold situation, Carter escaped through the innerworkings of the base while Teal'c covered her. Carter was able to reach Washington, D.C., and contact Maybourne to initiate the investigation into the possible foothold situation, but Maybourne was suspicious of her because General Hammond had already contacted him saying that Carter was delusional. As it turns out, the General Hammond who contacted Maybourne was really an alien. Maybourne informed the fake Hammond where he was going to meet Carter and so the aliens impersonating Jack and Daniel came to pursuade her to return to the base for treatment. Even though Maybourne had his doubts, he accompanied Alien Jack, Alien Daniel, and Carter back to the base and while on the airplane, discovered that her story was true when the Jack and Daniel aliens' identities were revealed. Maybourne arranged for a group of special forces to raid the SGC if he wasn't heard from after a certain amount of time. He was able to save the SGC from the aliens and prevent them from conquering Earth. This was one of the first times that Maybourne acted as if he were on the "same side" and SG-1 was highly appreciative and complimentary to him concerning his "save". Much to everyone's surprise, he gave Carter full credit. Jack was even friendly to him, saying that it would be nice to see him again and addressing him by his first name. (3.14 "Foothold")

Rogue NID Leader and Traitor

Maybourne recruits Jack into his rogue NID cell
Maybourne found frozen in Siberia
Maybourne helps Jack get Hammond reinstated

Maybourne's role in the thieving ring was brought to light when Jack went undercover to determine the identities of those who were threatening Earth's relationship with its allies by stealing their technology. The Tollan and Asgard had told General Hammond of these problems, threatening to cut off relations. General Hammond pursuaded them to let him and Jack do their own investigation to determine who the thieves were. Jack pretended to steal technology from the Tollan in front of a very shocked SG-1 and General Hammond had him resign or face court martial. Maybourne took the bait that Jack had the same philosophy as he: that they needed to obtain the advanced technology in order to protect Earth, no matter what the means. Maybourne recuited Jack and set him up as the team leader. Jack was able to reveal the location of their offworld base and the Asgard took back all of the stolen technology. Jack got the rest of the group to follow him through the stargate to Earth to escape the Asgard. They were all placed under arrest, but Maybourne was able to flee the country and avoid capture. (3.18 "Shades of Grey")

Maybourne fled to the Russian Stargate Program base in Siberia. He gave the Russians information about how to run the stargate from Earth so as to avoid simultaneous attempts to form a wormhole with Earth as the point of origin. The Russians retrieved the Giza Stargate from the bottom of the ocean after SG-1 beamed it aboard Thor's ship which was on its way to crashing on Earth because of the Replicators. They used the stargate to make their escape and then portions of the ship and the stargate made it through the descent intact. The Russians also had the DHD which went with the Giza Stargate after the Russians had obtained it from the Germans after World War II. By having both the Giza Stargate and its corresponding DHD, the Russians had the primary stargate on Earth. The SGC was operating with the Antarctic Stargate, but they did not have its DHD because it was no longer operational. Maybourne was discovered by Jack inside a meat freezer on the Russian base after they were sent there to determine why the Russians were not able to shut down their stargate, which, in turn, prevented the SGC from dialing out. He had become possessed by the entities which made the water living on a planet covered in water. The Russians wanted to study the water because it generated energy, but the water entities attempted to escape and the entire base of people ended up killing each other or being killed by the foothold protocol initiated by the base commander. The water entities left Maybourne for Teal'c, whose body was used to dial the stargate which SG-1 successfully shut down. The entities left Teal'c and were able to get through the stargate back to their homeworld. Not only had Maybourne orchestrated the alien technology theft ring, but he had revealed mission reports and all manner of top secret information to the Russians, so he was taken into custody for treason. He was convicted and placed on death row. (4.01 "Small Victories", 4.07 "Watergate", 4.15 "Chain Reaction")

Maybourne helps Jack get incriminating evidence against Kinsey
Maybourne helps Jack find a kidnapped Carter
Maybourne helps Jack get information to save Teal'c

A few months later, General Hammond had been blackmailed to resign when the lives of his granddaughters had been threatened. General Bauer was his replacement and he wasted no time at all in disbanding SG-1 and assigning Teal'c to SG-3 and Daniel and Carter to base-only jobs. Jack was advised to take a few days off to consider his position. When Jack found out about the situation with Hammond's granddaughters, he sought out Maybourne to help him get Hammond back into the commander's chair. Maybourne convinced Jack to get him out of prison for a few days to help him find the answers, as well as have his sentence commuted to life in prison. Jack and Maybourne called themselves "Starsky" and "Hutch" and gained access to Senator Robert Kinsey's home during a party which the Senator was holding for other public servants. Maybourne hacked into Kinsey's home computer and the information he found indicated that Kinsey had been heavily involved in the rogue NID activities. They used this as information as leverage to get Hammond reinstated. During Maybourne's access to the Senator's computer, he e-mailed a copy of the incriminating information to himself. Senator Kinsey "felt obligated" to have Maybourne transported to a nicer facility to await his execution, and while en route, Maybourne escaped. He called Jack from a tropical area with steel drums, most probably in the Caribbean, to say that he'd enjoy a few margaritas and then figure out later what he was going to do after that. (4.15 "Chain Reaction")

Jack learned that Maybourne knew a lot about computers and how to gain access to NID records, so when he needed help in locating Carter after she was kidnapped in broad daylight outside her fitness center, he asked Daniel to place a message on an Internet bulletin board (Movie Orbit: Everything for the B movie fanatic) asking that "Hutch" get in touch with "Starsky". Soon, Maybourne was meeting with Jack to tell him to talk with Colonel Simmons of the NID. Simmons revealed that Maybourne received $3 million in a Cayman Islands account from a company belonging to a billionaire businessman named Adrian Conrad. Jack was able to find out that Maybourne sold a Goa'uld symbiote obtained by a renegade faction of the Russian military on their second mission through the stargate. Conrad paid a total of $10 million for the symbiote. He was intending to implant the symbiote to have it cure him of an immune system disorder and then remove the symbiote once he was cured. He was hoping that Carter's experience with Jolinar would help him in this endeavor. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, and Maybourne found Conrad's hideout and were able to retrieve Carter before she was harmed. Conrad, however, was taken over by the symbiote and then rescued by Colonel Simmons, who had most likely tracked Jack and Maybourne's movements. Simmons shot Jack in their escape, but Jack thought that it was Maybourne who had, since he was nowhere to be found after the incident. (5.11 "Desperate Measures", 5.14 "48 Hours")

Maybourne's feelings were hurt that Jack thought that he was the one who shot him. He thought that the two of them had made a great team and that if Jack ever decided to leave the SGC, they could work together and make lots of money. He sought out Jack when he heard about Teal'c's getting stuck in the stargate buffer after a powerful blast hit the outgoing stargate and the wormhole was prematurely disengaged. He found Jack while he was fueling his truck and told him that he was not the one who shot him and to watch out for Frank Simmons. Jack asked Maybourne to help him find the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad so that they could obtain the information necessary to extract Teal'c out of the buffer after Simmons attempted to blackmail General Hammond with the information in exchange for a Goa'uld hand device. Since Jack and Maybourne were able to get the information on how to save Teal'c and evidence to incriminate Simmons, Hammond placed Simmons under arrest and Maybourne disappeared once more. (5.11 "Desperate Measures", 5.14 "48 Hours")

Off-World Life

Maybourne leads SG-1 to an alleged weapons cache
Jack attacks Maybourne after being stranded together
Maybourne's paranoia sets in

Maybourne was tired of running. He wanted to retire to some distant planet where he could live out his life with people who wouldn't hold his past against him. He had in his possession a piece of alien technology which he claimed gave access to powerful weapons. In exchange for his using this device, a key for which only he knew the combination, he asked for a Presidential pardon. SG-1 took him to the planet and once Maybourne was able to power up a portal with the key, he jumped into it and Jack followed. Maybourne had lied and this place was not the site of a weapons cache, but of a utopian colony for which the key was the invitation. Unfortunately, Maybourne fell victim to the enticement. It was a trap set by a Goa'uld to perform experiments, perhaps, using a plant. The plant caused the people to become paranoid and they all killed each other, including the Goa'uld. Maybourne had not found his paradise retirement community after all. During the course of their stay, Jack shot Maybourne twice as a result of their paranoia. Once the Tok'ra arrived in a cargo ship to rescue them, Jack told Maybourne that maybe the Tok'ra could find a nice planet for him since he had suffered enough. Jack's story to the Tok'ra and to the SGC as to what happened to Maybourne was not revealed. (6.15 "Paradise Lost")

Tok'ra rescue Jack and Maybourne
Maybourne as King Arkhan the First
Maybourne bids Jack farewell

Two years went by before Jack even thought about Harry. When the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al was aggressively overcoming other System Lords, several minor System Lords fled to avoid capitulation or destruction. The Goa'uld Ares decided to return to a planet which had been in his domain a long time ago. This planet just so happened to be the one to which the Tok'ra had taken Harry after his rescue. Harry had, at first, been just another person inhabiting the planet, but after he was able to decipher Ancient text inscribed on the ruins of an old temple, he became King Arkhan the First because he saved the people from a flood which he predicted. As it turns out, the Ancient who had inscribed these writings had been a time traveler and recorded future events. When SG-1 learned that Harry's planet was in danger, they went to rescue him and relocate the people, but the people insisted that they stay and fight the Goa'uld because Harry's predictions said that they would be successful in overthrowing their "oppressors of old" with the help of "those of a distant world." SG-1 found the timeship which was hidden near the ruins. Carter disconnected the time machine from the rest of the ship's systems and rerouted power to render the ship operational once more. Jack, having the Ancient gene, used the ship to destroy Ares' ha'tak. The people of Harry's village, Daniel, and Teal'c overcame Ares' Jaffa patrol, led by First Prime Trelak, and thus, the prediction came to pass. (8.13 "It's Good To Be King")

Harry was loved by his people, having also provided them with the design for the new watermill, medicines, legal code, and irrigation system. He had built a life there, including taking three wives. Harry decided to stay with the people that he had also grown to love and Jack bid him a fond farewell. (8.13 "It's Good To Be King")


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