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Emily Young


Emily is the ex-wife of Icarus Base commander Col. Everett Young. (SGU)

Character Biography

The Young's marriage was in serious trouble after he had an affair with one of his subordinates, 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen. The affair didn't last long, and Emily forgave her husband. The couple tried to make it work, but the marriage was strained even more after Everett was stranded aboard the Ancient exploratory vessel Destiny with little chance of ever returning home. Emily tried to understand the predicament her husband was in, but communicating with him through the body of someone else during an Ancient Communications Stone link was difficult. She did try, though, by permitting him a conjugal visit while Everett was in the body of Col. David Telford.

Telford, however, was the one who was supposed to go to the destination of the ninth chevron code, not Everett. Everett had turned the opportunity down, settling for the command of the Icarus Base, presumably so that he'd be able to be home more often. Telford began to see Emily personally, using that time to plant seeds of doubt in her about Everett's fidelity, since he was stranded aboard Destiny with his former lover. Eventually, Emily asked for a divorce, and Everett signed the papers using someone else's hand.


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