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Darrell Grimes


Darrell Grimes was Cameron Mitchell's best friend in high school.

Character Biography

Darrell Grimes was a member of George Washington High School's Class of 1987 in Auburn, Kansas. His best friend was Cameron Mitchell. During high school, the pair could be practical jokers, including an occasion where they dissembled Mr. Armstrong's car and reassembled it in the shop. (They later put it back together outside). Twenty years later, the pair still laughed over the incident, though Vala Mal Doran did not see the point in such a labor intensive joke.

Darrell left a message with Cameron's parents to let Cam know about setting up the school for the reunion. While they helped decorate, Darrell took particular notice of Cam's "date" for the event, Vala Mal Doran. Darrell also gave Cam a heads-up when his high school crush, Amy Vandenberg, was in the vicinity, and that she looked back at Cam after she left "and looked good".

When Vala was looking for amusement in rural Kansas, Darrell and Cam took her to shoot cans. Darrell was quite impressed with Vala's sharp shooting skills, and mortified at how terrible he was shooting.

At the dance, he approached Vala after he noticed Cam was getting reacquainted with Amy. He invited Vala to go have some "moonshine." The pair sat in an empty auditorium. Darrell was clearly enamored of Vala, but she stopped his advances, explaining she was married. He was not completely put-off however, when he realized she and Tomin were probably separated.

When Vala spotted the bounty hunter Odai Ventrell at the high school dance, Darrell agreed to help her. He approached Ventrell, pretending to drunkenly recognize Ventrell as a classmate "Dave". Ventrell injured Darrell's arm, but Darrell had done his job to distract the bounty hunter as Vala tried to attack him from behind with the only weapon she could find handy, a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, Ventrell had a personal shield, and her attack led him to seal off the gymnasium to prevent anyone from escaping and threatened to kill Darrell or Amy. Darrell pleaded for his life.

Darrell, along with all of the other attendees of the reunion dance, witnessed a lot of strange sights they could not comprehend, including holograms, ring technology, and alien weaponry. When Daniel Jackson assured them everything was fine, Darrell still worried about Vala. Later, all the attendees were all forced to sign non-disclosure agreements without even knowing what they really saw.


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