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Odai Ventrell


Odai Ventrell is a bounty hunter who was hired by Netan of the Lucian Alliance to capture or assassinate the members of SG-1. Ventrell assassinated Netan instead. (10.15 "Bounty")

Character Biography

Netan had had enough of SG-1's meddling in his Alliance affairs, actions he took as undermining his leadership among his seconds, so he had a bounty put on the heads of each member of the team. While SG-1 rigged one of his kassa transports with explosives, he had put in place a scanner that irradiated each member except for Vala who was piloting their cloaked cargo ship and managing the ring transporter. Having each member tagged allowed the bounty hunters to find each of them rather quickly.

Odai Ventrell was a formidable hunter and it appeared he got that way by eliminating his competition. He killed two hunters in their ship before they reached Earth and one hunter on Earth in the same building where Mitchell and Vala were attending Mitchell's high school reunion in Kansas. Ventrell also attacked one of Mitchell's classmates in the parking lot to obtain his clothes.

Ventrell followed Mitchell as he was searching for a telephone to call Gen. Landry because Landry had tried to warn him over a poor cell phone connection that the rest of his team had been targets and that the attempts at capturing Daniel, Carter, and Teal'c had failed. Cornering Mitchell at the phone, Ventrell used a synthesizer to immitate Mitchell's voice and requested that Landry send help, hoping that the rest of Mitchell's team would show up for the rescue. After the phone call, Ventrell led Mitchell back into the gym and waited for the rest of the team to arrive.

Vala was in another part of the building when Ventrell arrived, but once she started to enter the gym, she recognized him immediately. She thought that he was there for her, since there was already a price on her head from her previous dealings with the Alliance. She tried to create a diversion so that she could strike Ventrell over the head with a fire extinguisher, but Ventrell had a personal shield that deflected the blow. Ventrell didn't have any problems striking Vala across the face, sending her into the refreshments table quite ungracefully.

Ventrell didn't realize that two members of the team were in one place because Vala had not been tagged, but was grateful for his seemingly good fortune. Because he had blown his cover, Ventrell saw no need to pretend to be one of the reunion guests and used all manner of alien technology to take hostages, including technology that magnetically sealed the gym doors.

Daniel, Carter, and Teal'c arrived and agreed to exchange themselves for the hostages. They ringed right into the middle of the gym and took Ventrell, Mitchell, and Vala with them. When they ringed onto Ventrell's ship, Ventrell was surprised to see that Daniel, Carter, and Teal'c had weapons pointed right at him. The three had projected their images in the gym using Carter's new Chimera Optics Projection System, an adaptation of Asgard holographic technology. They had already located Ventrell's ship in a field nearby and planned the trap.

To get the bounty off of their heads, Mitchell proposed that Ventrell could obtain more riches by causing the collapse of the Lucian Alliance. The team let Ventrell go after he agreed to the plan. Ventrell raided Netan's mothership and assassinated Netan, hoping that he'd be richly rewarded by those who remained.


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