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Dr. Jackson's final attempt to convince the academic community to look at old evidence with new eyes cost him his career, but won him a place in a top secret government project: Stargate Command. He put a name to the device and figured out in two weeks what other researchers couldn't crack in two years - how to dial a complete interstellar address to another world. Thinking outside the box was his specialty, and looking at old theories in unconventional ways were both what lost him the respect of his peers and opened up a door to the universe.

He was unquestionably brilliant and confident in his own abilities in spite of how little credit or validation he had been given during his lifetime for that intelligence. This self assurance (which sometimes appears to be slightly arrogant), indifference to his own personal safety plus insatiable curiosity and a burning desire to go through the gate - no matter what - led him to claim emphatically he could get the first team home when, in fact, he had no idea whether or not he would find the tablet he needed on the other side of the gate.

He went to Abydos and eventually succeeded in finding the way back home, making significant personal discoveries as well. In spite of living life as a sheltered academic and therefore having no training or experience to draw upon he was able to discover within himself the bravery and resourcefulness to become literally a man of action and the person chiefly responsible for the ultimate success of the Abydos mission, the liberation of the people of Abydos from the slavery of Ra, and saving the Earth from the malevolent alien's plans to eradicate it and the descendants of the people who had rebelled against him and exiled him from their planet. Alone Daniel defied Ra, learned of his plan to send Jack's bomb through the gate to Earth, turned the staff weapon he'd been given to execute Jack and the team on Ra himself. He thereby allowed all of them to escape with the help of Skaara and the other boys.

His courage and fierce determination inspired the Abydonians to finally rebel against their cruel and capricious master, providing Daniel and Jack with a diversion and the time they needed to return the rigged bomb back to Ra, blowing him up for good. These experiences changed Daniel's attitude toward life, and bonded him to a man almost his direct opposite in nature: Col. Jack O'Neill.

Initially, Daniel chose to stay on Abydos with his new wife, Sha'uri (also Sha're), where he was highly respected and practically worshipped by the people who called him their saviour, much to his embarrassment. But upon discovering the cartouche room with thousands of Stargate addresses collected by Ra, he unburied the gate, eager to share - or possibly to go exploring on his own. The advent of a box of tissues tossed through the Stargate re-established his connection to Earth, and once the empty box was returned, he welcomed further contact between the two worlds. Unfortunately, Daniel's enthusiasm to share his discovery also cost him personally, resulting in the kidnapping of his wife by Apophis, another of the alien conquerors posing as gods. Apophis offered Sha're to his mate, Amaunet, as her new host, and Amaunet took her (1.01 "Children of the Gods"). Sha're remained her unwilling host until Teal'c was forced to kill her in order to save Daniel's life three years later (3.10 "Forever in A Day").

His contributions to the Stargate program are vast, and he has made an indelible impression on all the lives he has touched during those years.

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