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Dying of addiction to The Light


Participation in the voyage of discovery through wormhole travel is a dangerous endeavor. On several occasions, Daniel has endured hardships including injuries and inadvertent addictions. He has also died numerous times.

Off-world Missions

Chulak: Knocked out by a ribbon device wielded by Apophis (1.01 "Children of the Gods").

P3X-797 (Land of Light): contracted parasitic histaminolytic virus which regressed him to a primitive state, and was consequently cured with heavy doses of antihistamines (1.04 "The Broca Divide"). He also sustained minor cuts and bruises from scuffles with other males while in the primitive state. Under the influence of the virus Jack also tried to punch his lights out and got a few good ones in before he was dragged off Daniel and locked up in isolation.

P3X-866 (Oannes): Along with the rest of the team stunned by an energy blast from Nem's weapon, blasted a second time, but not into unconsciousness and subjected to painful brain stimulation to recover a buried memory. His team had false memories implanted making them believe he was dead (1.12 "Fire and Water").

P4A-771: Sustained a concussion after being knocked unconscious while exiting the Stargate at high velocity, but later recovered (1.17 "Solitudes").

P3X-989 (Altair): Stunned and knocked unconscious, and consequently duplicated, his consciousness copied into the mechanical double (1.18 "Tin Man").

P3R-233: Received electrical shock from contact with quantum mirror. Also sustained a painful and very obvious burn from a staff weapon blast (tangible proof of his story which was ignored) when the alternate version of Teal'c took a shot at him as he was running for his life into the event horizon to make his escape from the alternate SGC back to the quantum mirror (1.19 "There But For the Grace of God").

Hadante: Unjustly incarcerated by the Taldor, all of SG-1 were sent to a prison colony where, during a struggle for domination, Daniel was strangled into unconsciousness (2.03 "Prisoners").

PXY-887: Shot by Salish tranquilizer dart, which rendered him unconscious (2.13 "Spirits").

P3W-924: Tricked into touching an alien device created by Ma'chello, Daniel's mind was transferred into the body of the old man. He was knocked unconscious by the transfer, and taken to the SGC infirmary, where he suffered from acute pulmonary damage and slipped into a coma before being returned to his own body (2.17 "Holiday").

PJ2-445: Severe headache and aggravated irritability due to ultrasonic assault from injured plant life. This affliction only existed while on the planet, or when listening to tapes recorded there. Once back on Earth, the condition vanished (2.19 "One False Step").

Hathor's planet (designation not known): Daniel was cryogenically frozen and implanted with a Tok'ra memory stimulation device. The device was later removed (2.22 "Out of Mind Part 1"/ 3.01 "Into the Fire Part 2"). He later received a deep gash on the lower right leg, caused by shrapnel from an explosion while attempting to help rescue the others on his team.

PY3-948: Infected by one of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-eradicating devices. Since he had no symbiote, the organism caused symptoms resembling schizophrenia, and he was consequently placed on heavy medication and committed to a mental institution. The organism left his body to invade Teal'c's, and both eventually recovered (3.04 "Legacy").

PJ6-877: Walked into an invisible forcefield and bumped his nose (3.07 "Deadman Switch").

Unnamed/designated world: Struck by lightning (3.08 "Demons").

Unnamed/designated world: Shot by an intar (3.09 "Rules of Engagement").

P8X-873: Severely injured by a ribbon device wielded by Amaunet (3.10 "Forever in a Day").

Netu: Forced to drink the Blood of Sokar, a powerful narcotic that causes very realistic hallucinations. Back-handed by a Jaffa when he provoked him by taking a swing at him, using the assault as a cover for swiping the confiscated communication device from under their noses thereby saving the team's bacon by allowing them to communicate with Teal'c so he could rescue them (3.13 "The Devil You Know").

P4X-884: Though this event also might not qualify as an injury, Jackson's brain was implanted with a device designed to record information from gate explorers, but the device malfunctioned, allowing him and the other members of SG-1 to interact with the device's consciousness, called Urgo. Both when the device was implanted and later when it was removed, he had no memory of Togar, the creator of the device (3.16 "Urgo").

P2X-416 (Bedrosia/Optrica): Rendered unconscious by a Bedrosian force field, and consequently taken prisoner. Daniel and the rest of SG-1 were rescued by Teal'c and an alien, Nyan, and returned to Earth. He was tazered, manhandled and seems to have also been tortured in an attempt by the Bedrosians to extract information from him (3.19 "New Ground").

P7X-377: While not exactly an injury, Daniel was rendered temporarily invisible by an interrupted burst of muon radiation emitted by a crystal skull (3.21 "Crystal Skull"). He was considered missing in action until the team returned with the skull to the alien temple and the process was allowed to finish.

P3X-888: Knocked unconscious and hauled off by an Unas seeking to prove himself in what Daniel believed was a rite of maturity. He managed to befriend the alien on the way back to his caves, and avoided being killed; however, he sustained a deep scratch on the left cheek when the creature clawed him (4.08 "The First Ones").

P3R-118: Given a memory stamp to make him a willing slave in an underground heat-producing plant for an alien city. Due to differences in physiology, he and the rest of SG-1 began to reject the stamps and their memories returned (4.10 "Beneath the Surface").

P4X-347: Addiction to the hypnotic light-projecting device on a Goa'uld pleasure planet, and subsequent withdrawal upon returning to Earth. Daniel almost committed suicide by leaping off the balcony at his apartment, but Jack stopped him and took him to the infirmary, where he later lapsed into a coma and flatlined. Returning Daniel to the planet revived him, and the team eventually discovered a gradual reduction in the output of the device would allow them a painless withdrawal, whereupon they would be free to leave the planet (4.18 "The Light").

P7S-441: Though not exactly an injury, his memory was affected by an alien chemical which made him think the alien Reol traveling with the team was one of his teammates. He was also shot with a zat'nik'tel by the alien as he attempted to escape (5.04 "The Fifth Man").

Unnamed/designated world: Shot with a zat'nik'tel and tortured with a firestick after trying to free primitive Unas from their human slave masters (5.07 "Beast of Burden").

Tollana: Knocked back by a ribbon device (5.09 "Between Two Fires").

P2A-347: While investigating a crashed spaceship, his mind was overtaken by the consciousness' of a dozen doomed souls. Daniel's consciousness retreated before the unwelcome invasion of the other minds, and he placed himself in a protective coma while the different personalities fought for dominance over his body. With the help of a revived crewmember his mind was freed of the others, and other than a headache Daniel suffered no ill effects from the ordeal (7.06 "Lifeboat").

Unnamed World, Nation of Rand: Severely injured in the face and left arm in an explosion at the beginning of a world war that SG-1's arrival helped to precipitate. He was trying to get an injured local officer named Kane to safety when he was injured. Kane brought him to a farm house and placed him under the care of his wife, Leda. Daniel recuperated and was there for several weeks until he was able to return home (8.05 "Icon").

P6G-452: Hit in the face repeatedly by kassa smugglers trying to make SG-1 reveal the whereabouts of the stolen Stargate. Odyssey beamed the team to safety before the smugglers could do any permanent damage (9.16 "Off The Grid").

Vagonbrei: Along with rest of SG-1 and other personnel, caught a parasite that caused irresistible sleep followed by coma and death. A serum was derived and he was rescued and cured before it went that far (10.02 "Morpheus").

Unnamed World: Along with Vala, zatted to unconsciousness by the smuggler Solek (10.09 "Company of Thieves").

Unnamed World, Merlin's Cavern: While not strictly injured, he was altered in a high-risk way when he purposely took a download of Merlin's consciousness so that he could complete construction of the wizard's weapon. Merlin's presence caused Daniel's behavior to change but also gave him immense knowledge and power. He was returned to normal due to a "time-out" feature programmed in by Merlin (10.11 "The Quest Part 2").

Unnamed World, Merlin's Cavern: Was thrown out of the cave and then after exchanging energy bursts with Adria, quickly became too weak to continue. He lay down on the ground, nearly losing consciousness before Adria took him prisoner. He complained of a headache when he awoke aboard her ship (10.11 "The Quest Part 2").

P4M-328: Rendered unconscious by a stun weapon wielded by a government agent dressed as a medic. He awoke not long after, seemingly unharmed (10.16 "Bad Guys").

Amon Shek: Knocked unconscious by a Goa'uld shock grenade, with no lasting damage (10.17 "Talion").

Celestis: Tortured by the Doci of the Ori, who inflicted great pain and suffering without touching him. He was left exhausted and hopeless, but with no permanent physical damage (Stargate: The Ark of Truth).

Aboard Alien or Earth Vessels

Apophis' ha'tak: Shot by ribbon device (1.21 "Within the Serpent's Grasp"), blinded and knocked unconscious by Goa'uld shock grenade, and dealt a mortal wound to the chest with a staff weapon (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2"). He managed to heal himself in a sarcophagus and escape back to earth via a Stargate just before the ha'tak was destroyed.

Aboard a ship under construction: Passed out when his immune system succeeded in neutralizing the alien virus in his system, thereby rendering the armband giving him super powers inert (4.03 "Upgrades").

Lord Yu's cargo ship: Knocked about when the ship crash landed on Revanna (5.16 "Last Stand Part 2").

Al'kesh under control by The Trust: Zatted by one of The Trust members while trying to disable the ship's hyperdrive (8.10 "Endgame").

Prometheus: Zatted and then shot in the left arm with a Super Soldier weapon, in both cases by alien Vala. She heals him of the weapon blast (8.12 "Prometheus Unbound").

Prometheus: Fell unconscious after Vala left the galaxy via the Supergate, due to lingering effects of having worn the Jaffa bracelets. He regained consciousness on his own, without Vala needing to be near him any longer (9.06 "Beachhead").

Adria's Ori Warship: Was momentarily choked by Adria, but did not lose consciousness. (10.07 "Counterstrike").

Adria's Ori Warship: While not strictly an injury, was turned into a Prior by Adria (10.14 "The Shroud").

Odyssey: Beamed aboard as a Prior and zatted by Mitchell, while his powers were suppressed by the Anti-Prior device (10.14 "The Shroud").

Odyssey: Had difficulty breathing and became nearly unconscious as a result of Adria causing coolant steam from the ship's systems to spray on him, to keep him from getting into the room she was in. After Adria ascended, the spray stopped and Mitchell helped him to his feet (10.19 "Dominion").

Earth, SGC Base

  • Subjected to Goa'uld mind control via a super-hormone and tranquilizer-like substance which makes its victim susceptible to post-hypnotic suggestion. He was also raped by the Goa'uld queen and left temporarily catatonic (1.13 "Hathor").
  • Alternate Earth, SGC base: Just as he was leaving through the Stargate to return to P3R-233 where he had found the quantum mirror, an alternate-world Teal'c shot him in the back right shoulder with a staff weapon (1.19 "There But For the Grace of God").
  • Gate room: While being held hostage by the ashrak sent to kill the symbiote carried by Capt. Carter, Daniel was shot with a zat'nik'tel by Teal'c (2.02 "Line of Duty").
  • Second Alternate Earth, SGC base: Daniel was beaten and shot with a zat'nik'tel (3.06 "Point of View").
  • Infirmary: Sedated, then sent to Level 23 to be duplicated by an alien machine and placed in suspended animation. He was awakened from that state when the alien linked to him was killed (3.14 "Foothold").
  • Suffered appendicitis and was operated on in the base infirmary to remove the infection (3.22 "Nemesis Part 1").
  • Using the Atanik armband, he was subjected to a viral infection that caused fever, but the results were increased metabolism, strength, speed, and memory retention. The armbands also provided a euphoric reaction, which caused him and the other human team members to make irrational decisions. As their bodies developed an immunity to the virus, the powers faded and the armbands fell off (4.03 "Upgrades").
  • After bringing Shifu, the Harsesis child, back from Abydos, the boy rendered Daniel unconscious that he might learn in a dream the consequences of awakening the knowledge of the Goa'uld. Daniel was unconscious for a long period, possibly several days (4.17 "Absolute Power").
  • Hammond's Office: Shot with an intar by Lt. Satterfield (5.13 "Proving Ground").
  • Holding room: Received a minor head injury requiring stitches after the android Reese threw him into a bookcase. She also severely twisted his wrist in the gate room (5.19 "Menace").
  • Gate room: Zatted by Teal'c and then shot in the left shoulder by O'Neill after being possessed by the non-corporeal remains of Anubis. He lost a lot of blood as a result of the bullet wound and had residual effects on his immune system from Anubis' possession. Later Carter zatted him while she was possessed (8.03 "Lockdown").
  • SGC Lab: Shocked by the virtual reality game each time he died inside the game, before helping Teal'c to defeat it (8.06 "Avatar").
  • SGC Lab, Corridor: Fell unconscious due to being separated from Vala after she attached Jaffa bracelets that linked them both together. This happened several times, even after the bracelets were removed, until the effects wore off on their own. If he and Vala had not been kept in proximity, they would have died (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.04 "The Ties That Bind").
  • SGC Lab: Fell into an unresponsive state after attaching the Ancient communication stones to the long-range communication device. When the body of the person he was inhabiting died, his heart stopped. Before Dr. Lam tried to revive him, Mitchell and Teal'c destroyed the device, breaking the connection, and Daniel woke up on his own (9.02 "Avalon Part 2", 9.03 "Origin Part 3").
  • Not really injured, but his body was taken over by Vala without his awareness, as she used the Ancient communications device to warn the SGC of the impending Ori invasion (9.19 "Crusade Part 1").

Other Earth Locations

Near Seattle, Washington: Infected with nish'ta, a chemical which makes the mind extremely pliable. This event caused him to temporarily become one of Seth's followers, until jolted with an electric shock from a device implanted for just that purpose. He was also hit by Seth's ribbon device and rendered unconscious (3.02 "Seth").

Billings, Montana: Drugged by aliens trying to keep their presence on Earth a secret (4.11 "Point of No Return").

Egypt: Injured by a Goa'uld ribbon device wielded by Osiris (4.13 "The Curse").

Honduras: Beaten and tortured with electric shocks by Honduran revolutionaries trying to get him to divulge the secrets of the Telchak device. Shot in the right thigh by one of the rebels while trying to escape, just before being rescued (7.12 "Evolution Part 2").

At Home: His dreams were manipulated by Sarah/Osiris for several days, and once she realized he did not know the location of the Lost City, she attacked him with her ribbon device, rendering him unconscious until Jack and Teal'c stopped the attack (7.15 "Chimera").

Colorado Springs Warehouse: Zatted by The Trust after he had completed the translation they had coerced him into doing (8.07 "Affinity").

The Many Deaths Of Daniel

Daniel's Ascension

The deaths, would-be deaths, and assumed deaths of Daniel Jackson.

  • On the first mission to Abydos, he stepped in the way of a staff blast meant for Col. O'Neill, and was killed. Ra subsequently placed him in his sarcophagus and revived him (Stargate, the Movie).
  • Killed by a Jaffa staff blast while trying to capture Apophis, he was revived by the Nox (1.07 "The Nox").
  • Dealt a mortal wound by a Jaffa while aboard Klorel's ship bound for the destruction of Earth; after urging Jack to leave him behind and proceed with the mission, Daniel managed to drag his dying body to Klorel's sarcophagus and heal himself, returning to Earth through the Stargate (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2").
  • Crushed by a rock slide on P3R-636, Daniel was placed in the sarcophagus of Pyrus the god-slayer; he may not have been dead, but he was at least severely injured. He was also consequently coaxed into using it repeatedly while healthy, and became addicted to its effects (2.05 "Need").
  • After visiting a Goa'uld pleasure planet, Daniel became physically addicted to the machine that controlled the light room. Back on Earth and suffering from withdrawal, he almost committed suicide, but was coaxed off his balcony by Col. O'Neill and taken to the base infirmary. His condition deteriorated until he fell into a coma and his heart flat-lined, but returning him to the planet revived him. The condition was reversed with a gradual turning down of the machine (4.18 "The Light").
  • On P3X-4C3, Daniel's final heroic action saved the people of Kelowna and his teammates, but resulted in his body being flooded with a massive dose of naquadria radiation. Headed for death, he was visited by alien entity, Oma Desala, and given the option of ascension. She guided him through the process, and his body vanished in a fountain of radiant energy, taking him to a higher plane of existence (5.21 "Meridian").
  • Daniel was taken prisoner by Replicator Carter, who tried to extract his knowledge of the Ancients technology. While he was able to stop her temporarily by the force of his mind, she overcame him and killed him by thrusting a metallic blade through his body. Rather than let him die, Oma brought him to a semi-ascended state where he was to choose death or ascension, but in the end he was returned to corporeal form, turning up naked in Jack's office (8.17 "Reckoning Part 2", 8.18 "Threads").
  • Although it doesn't count as an official 'death' because he didn't actually die after being subdued by Nem, the rest of SG-1 were implanted with false memories and returned to Earth believing Daniel had in fact been killed on the mission. All of the members of SG-1 were deeply distressed by his death, and disturbing flashbacks caused them to start questioning their memories until Carter, after submitting to hypnotic regression, recalled the events on Nem's planet as they had actually occurred. They returned to Oannes to happily discover their friend was very much alive (1.13 "Fire and Water").

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