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Dr. Carmichael


Dr. Carmichael was introduced as part of the SGC medical staff in the episode, 8.06 "Avatar".

Character Biography

Dr. Carmichael was on duty when Teal'c got himself trapped in the virtual reality program being developed by the SGC to train SGC personnel on various battle scenarios. In the program, Teal'c was participating in a foothold situation in which three of Anubis's Kull Warriors had invaded the SGC by intercepting SG-3 at the offworld Stargate right after they sent their IDC to open the iris. Teal'c's body was negatively affected by the program because the SGC was using alien technology (the Game Keeper's Chair from the episode, 2.04 "The Game Keeper") which interpreted Teal'c's desire for the scenario to be as realistic as possible by sending pain signals through the link whenever the virtual Teal'c was killed. Dr. Carmichael stood by and closely monitored Teal'c's failing health and was there when Teal'c's heart stopped. Fortunately, Dr. Carmichael was able to restart Teal'c's heart and the entire scenario was completed once Daniel Jackson entered the program and helped Teal'c win (8.06 "Avatar").


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