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Dr. Brightman


Dr. Brightman was one of the doctors at the SGC base during Season Eight, first appearing in the episode, 8.03 "Lockdown".

Character Biography

Dr. Brightman treated Col. Alexi Vaselov after he suddenly collapses soon after arriving at the SGC from Russia. Brightman noted his immune system was breaking down. At first fearing a contagion, especially when Daniel also had an elevated white blood cell count, she was eventually able to determine that their physical deterioration was a side effect to being possessed by Anubis. Although Anubis was not in Dr. Jackson long enough to do long-term damage, Col. Vaselov's condition was terminal. She and her staff kept him comfortable.

Dr. Daniel Jackson was shot by Gen. Jack O'Neill in the embarkation room while Daniel was temporarily hosting the partially-ascended being Anubis. Dr. Brightman performed the surgery on him. Jackson was in critical condition from blood loss, but Brightman was able to stabalize his condition and he made a full recovery.

Brightman herself appears to have been possessed by Anubis for a brief amount of time when she visited O'Neill's office, but if so, the possession was undetected by the SGC. It is unknown if she was ever aware of the possession, for Anubis left her body when he made his next escape attempt.

Brightman was still affiliated on some level with the Stargate program years later. When Destiny needed a surgeon to remove an alien tracker implant from near Dr. Rush's heart, Dr Brightman was called in (SGU 1.12 "Divided"). She exchanged places with Chloe via the Ancient communications stones and started the surgery while the ship was under attack. Just as she spotted the device, something weakened the connection during the bombardment, and she was pulled back to Earth, leaving the crew of Destiny to fend for themselves and complete the surgery.


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