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Tuplo of the Land of Light


Councilor Tuplo was the leader of his people, descendants of those of the Minoan civilization of Earth. He was introduced in the episode, 1.05 "The Broca Divide".

Character Biography

Councilor Tuplo knew of the Goa'uld, but they had not been in his land for at least a generation. He believed that they were still present in spirit and cursed his people by turning the victim into a primitive driven by purely animalistic behavior. Such cursed were called "The Touched". Those who were not cursed were called "The Untouched" and lived in the Land of Light, the area of the planet where the sun would shine, while The Touched were destined to live on the dark area of the planet covered in heavy forest.

Tuplo's daughter, Melosha, became one of The Touched and she was placed on the dark side to live her life with the rest of the primitives. This life included being claimed by the alpha male of the primitive's pack. When Daniel Jackson fell victim of the illness of The Touched, he claimed Melosha.

The Touched were actually those who had contracted a virus which was kept in check by low levels of histamine in the blood. Since the virus fed on histamine, the cure was to eliminate histamine in the blood of The Touched. SG-1 and SG-3 returned to the planet to retrieve Daniel after being cured themselves. Tuplo was so grateful to them for saving his daughter and the rest of The Touched that he opened his world to the SGC as sanctuary for any refugees that SG-1 encountered in their missions. Teal'c's wife, Drey'auc, and son, Rya'c, were some of the first to become welcomed residents of the Land of Light (2.08 "Family").

When SG-1 rescued a small party of Tollan from their dying world, Tuplo was contacted to speak the with Tollan leader, Omoc, to invite his people to live with the people of the Land of Light. His eloquent invitation was refused. He was slightly offended by Omoc's harsh refusal, but relations between the SGC and the Land of Light continued to be friendly. (1.17 "Enigma")


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