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Thilana is the leader of her small village of people who had once been under the rule of a Goa'uld. Her planet was visited by a Prior of the Ori who required that her people build an altar for sacrificing those among them who did not convert to Origin. (10.12 "Line in the Sand")

Character Biography

As the leader of her village on the planet P9C-882, Thilana spoke strongly about her people's desire not to be subjugated to yet another false god, so when SG-3 met her, she requested help from those of Earth. Col. Reynolds, SG-3's leader, returned to the SGC and briefed Gen. Landry and SG-1 about the Prior's request to build a sacrificial altar (similar to the one in which Vala had been burned to death in Ver Ager, 9.02 "Avalon Part 2") and the people's desire to refuse to subjugate themselves to false gods.

Although still in early testing, Gen. Landry asked that SG-1 use Merlin's device Arthur's Mantle (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle"), to shift the entire village into an alternate dimension long enough for the Prior to lose interest in the planet. They only had three days to get the technology working on such a large area.

At first, the device worked according to plan, but a failsafe caused the village to once again be exposed. While Carter attempted to fix the problem, an Ori warship entered orbit and sent several of their fighters and footsoldiers. Even though some of the villagers were successful in using P-90s, they were soon overtaken and captured. Thilana set up a make-shift hospital to treat the wounded, but those who were captured using the weapons were executed.

Thilana's leadership was challenged by Matar, who felt that they should surrender to the Ori because the Prior and his army were much more advanced than those of Earth. He feared that if they refused to turn to Origin that they all would be killed. Matar turned Teal'c over to the Ori army, and the Ori soldiers took both Matar and Thilana into custody as well. Teal'c refused to divulge information, but Matar and Thilana eventually led them to the library where Carter and Mitchell were hiding. They witnessed the building disappear as Mitchell turned on the device based on a severely-wounded Carter's instructions. The Prior attempted to sense the phased-out Carter and Mitchell, using his orbed staff to enhance his mental powers, but wasn't able to detect them.

Thilana cared for Teal'c after his torture by the Prior and admitted to him that she told the Prior about the device. Matar threatened to kill Thilana with a knife if she did not act as leader and save her people. Thilana calmly talked Matar out of his desperation, saying, "But if we are going to die, let us die in noble peace and truth of spirit." Matar and the others who agreed to turn to the Ori were saved from their decision when Carter and Mitchell managed to turn on the device to hide the village. Not knowing this, the Prior fired the warship's weapon onto the village, thinking that he had destroyed them. After so many planets had fallen to the Ori, SG-1 finally had technology which could save some just as they had saved Thilana's people.


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