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Solutions Rating: {{{ratingword}}}

This graphic represents the Solutions Rating for this episode which is derived by averaging the individual ratings of the Solutions Editorial Staff.

Currently, the Editorial Staff consists of the following individuals:

Each member of the Editorial Staff rated the episode on the following scale:

5 Excellent Solutionsrating5.jpg
4 Very Good Solutionsrating4.jpg
3 Good Solutionsrating3.jpg
2 Fair Solutionsrating2.jpg
1 Poor Solutionsrating1.jpg

The Solutions Rating is then taken from the average. There are no partial points; thus, the Rating is rounded:

17-20 Excellent Solutionsrating5.jpg
13-16 Very Good Solutionsrating4.jpg
9-12 Good Solutionsrating3.jpg
5-8 Fair Solutionsrating2.jpg
1-4 Poor Solutionsrating1.jpg

Solutions has the television ratings when available, as well as fan polls at the main site: http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com