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Stargate SG-1 Season Two


This was the season of exploration on Stargate SG-1, of the universe, of the enemy, of history, myth and alien cultures, and most importantly of self.

The SG-1 team were captured and imprisoned in The Serpent's Lair as Klorel was placed into his sarcophagus. Rescue came from an unexpected quarter - Master Bra'tac, Teal'c's mentor, once again taking his place as First Prime of Apophis. With his help, the team escaped and attempted to take the ship. Daniel was fatally wounded during the attack and forced a reluctant O'Neill to leave him behind as they transported across to Apophis' ship. The C-4 was timed to destroy Klorel's ship and SG-1 disabled the shields on Apophis' ship, ensuring both ships were destroyed in the blast. They escaped in two crippled death gliders but so did Apophis and Klorel. Back at the SGC, O'Neill was overjoyed to be reunited with Daniel, who'd used Klorel's sarcophagus to heal himself before his own escape bid.

Capt. Sam Carter was taken as a Goa'uld host In The Line Of Duty. It was only when young Cassandra sensed the presence of the symbiote that the Goa'uld's deception discovered. O'Neill thwarted its attempts to escape through the Stargate and it was imprisoned. Using their friendship for Carter as leverage, the Goa'uld negotiated and manipulated to effect its escape until it stunned Teal'c by revealing itself to be Jolinar of Malkshur, one of the legendary Tok'ra. A Goa'uld assassin penetrated the SGC and attacked Jolinar. The symbiote proved itself different than the Goa'uld, giving its life to save Carter's, leaving her grief-stricken and changed forever by the experience of sharing her mind and her memories.

Exploration has other hazards. The team-members inadvertently broke the law and were despatched as Prisoners to Hadante, where their escape was aided by the enigmatic Linea. SG-1 took her with them only to see her escape from them in turn, her true nature revealed: Destroyer of Worlds. The Game Keeper trapped O'Neill and Daniel in nightmarish virtual reality dreamscapes, reliving traumatic events from their lives again and again while Teal'c and Carter tried to help them. The wily Keeper stayed one step ahead of them until they beat him at his own game.

Daniel's impulsive rescue of a less than fairytale princess resulted in hard labour for his teammates and addiction to the Goa'uld sarcophagus for him after a botched escape bid left him for dead. Daniel eventually freed his team from the mines and then O'Neill helped to free him from his Need for the sarcophagus. Daniel regained his friend's trust when he returned to help Princess Shyla clear of her own addiction.

The consequences of destroying Thor's Hammer came back to haunt SG-1 when the Goa'uld Heru'ur invades Cimmeria, easily defeating the proud Vikings. While O'Neill and Teal'c lead the warriors in skirmishes against the Goa'uld, Daniel, Carter and old friend Gairwyn search for the Hall Of Might and clues to Thor's Chariot in a pivotal encounter with Thor, not a god, but an alien of the Asgard race, with god-like power and technology. Cimmeria was freed, the Hammer restored, and a possible ally against the Goa'uld discovered.

Teal'c and Daniel also suffered personal consequences. When Apophis took Teal'c's son hostage, he returned to Chulak only to find he'd lost his Family. Freeing son Rya'c from Apophis' brainwashing reconciled the parents but only as friends. Teal'c's regrets were deepened when Daniel returned to Abydos and his 'Good Father' Kasuf. His young friend was stunned to find that his Abydonian family were keeping Secrets. Sha're was living there with her father, bitterly ashamed and heavily pregnant with the child of Apophis. She bravely agreed to return to Earth as a prisoner to stop Amaunet's atrocities but the arrival of Heru'ur in search of Apophis' Queen led her to give birth early. Daniel delivered the son of his enemy and once again lost his wife to Apophis.

O'Neill and Teal'c both got in the way of truly alien life forms. SG-1's team leader was speared by a mysterious orb and became the voice of a race of minute organisms which together attained consciousness - a literal Message In A Bottle. Then Teal'c was stung by an alien insect and began a terrible transformation. Exciting the interest of the notorious Col. Harry Maybourne, Teal'c was taken from his team only to attack his captors and escape into the city where he was befriended by the forthright young Ally, who helped save him from his Bane.

Meanwhile, Sam Carter was troubled by visions and memories not her own, fragments from the life of The Tok'ra Jolinar. Carter led SG-1 to a desert world and into the fabulous crystal tunnels of the rebel Tok'ra, where she connected with Martouf, Jolinar's mate, and found the most unlikely cure for her father Jacob's terminal cancer in Selmak, a symbiote whose host was dying. The suspicious Tok'ra imprisoned SG-1 for their own protection and refused an alliance until Daniel offered them the chance of the willing hosts they sought.

Problems from other worlds began to hit home. Hammond was ordered to proceed with an off-world mining operation even though the Native American inhabitants had refused permission, invoking the wrath of their mysterious alien protectors and Spirits. A weather-controlling Touchstone was stolen from the paradise of Madrona, wreaking havoc on two worlds. O'Neill and Daniel's investigation led the team straight to Area 51, Col. Maybourne and an illicit operation making full use of the second Stargate found in the Antarctic. With one of their teams cut off, the SGC dialled in a Black Hole, distorting time as well as gravity when they couldn't close down the Stargate. It was only A Matter Of Time before Earth too was destroyed. O'Neill's past caught up with him in the form of Special Ops Col. Cromwell. The man had almost cost O'Neill his life, only to give his own to save O'Neill and the Earth in an explosive bid to seal the gate.

Both O'Neill and Daniel got in the way of advanced technology. O'Neill had the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his brain. He began to lose his ability to communicate as his mind filled with unprecedented scientific and technological knowledge, relying on Daniel to be his voice. Most valuable of all was that of the Stargate network. The SGC gained a vast collection of new gate addresses unknown to the Goa'uld, while Carter and Teal'c were saved from a disastrous off-world mission by O'Neill's new understanding of gate technology. Overwhelmed, his brain shutting down, O'Neill was driven to build a strange energy device and go through the gate where he found a homeworld of the Asgard and learned that humans had the potential to become the galaxy's Fifth Race.

Daniel humoured a lonely, confused old man, Ma'chello, who tricked him into using a device which swapped their bodies. Ma'chello took what he believed to be a well-earned Holiday. While Ma'chello feasted, the dying Daniel struggled to convince his sceptical friends of his identity. Then Teal'c and O'Neill were caught out by the same device. Daniel's grief over the loss of Sha're touched Ma'chello and he finally gave Carter the hint she needed to use his device to return everyone to their rightful bodies, barely in time to save Daniel's life. Ma'chello finally found the peace he sought.

Apophis returned to haunt both Daniel and Teal'c in Serpent's Song, seeking refuge on Earth knowing it would destroy them at the hands of his enemy Sokar. Daniel's rage turned to unwilling compassion as the dying symbiote was silenced and its bewildered host awoke for the first time in thousands of years. The Tok'ra Martouf came to warn his human allies about Sokar and found himself trapped with them as the System Lord bombarded their Stargate. It was only in Apophis' death and that of his host that Sokar was finally appeased. But were SG-1 finally free of their old enemy?

Ignorance was less than bliss when the team took One False Step, infecting innocent, primitive aliens with a deadly virus. While Carter and Dr. Janet Fraiser tended to one of the stricken aliens, Daniel's curiosity was piqued by an instantly blooming plant, O'Neill's sarcasm was piqued by Plant Boy, and Teal'c disapproval by their childish squabbling. It was only when Daniel and O'Neill too fell ill that Daniel was struck by sudden inspiration; the 'disease' couldn't be seen, but with Carter's instruments, it could be heard. Sound, song and science effected a complete cure.

When a young boy arrived through the Stargate, he appealed to O'Neill to help him and his invisible 'Mother'. Except it seemed to be Earth that needed the help and just because 'Mother' was invisible, it didn't mean she wasn't real. The dying boy took the name of O'Neill's son and his Show And Tell took a deadly turn, his Mother and Carter's father Jacob joining forces to help SG-1 fight an invisible army determined to exterminate all human life in a war of attrition.

The team got to re-live a very good year when a solar flare catapulted them back through time. In 1969, the Stargate silo housed missiles and Cheyenne Mountain a green young Air Force lieutenant by the name of George Hammond. With a note in his own handwriting instructing him to help SG-1, Hammond put his career on the line to help them escape into a madcap ride across country to find Catherine Langford and the gate home.

O'Neill awoke in a futuristic world to find his teammates long dead and the SGC barely recognisable. General Trofsky was more intent on interrogation than acclimating O'Neill to his new life, using a memory recall device to draw Intelligence Out Of Mind. Daniel and Carter were woken from their own cryogenic sleep to face their own interrogations. The suspicious O'Neill escaped and found his teammates, but their relief was short-lived. The 'SGC' was part of a Goa'uld complex ruled by the vengeful Hathor, determined to reclaim her rightful place among the System Lords, her Beloved Daniel, and O'Neill as a host, taking the team out of the frying pan and Into The Fire.

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