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Carter's hobbies are wormhole physics, motorcycles and lock-picking (4.11 "Point of No Return"), though not necessarily in that order (6.05 "Nightwalkers").

She tends to be a workaholic. For Sam, her work is play, though she also enjoys staying fit and works out regularly at a fitness center 12 blocks from her home (5.10 "Desperate Measures").

She has a secret 'need for speed' which she fulfilled by joining in a dangerous race, the Loop of Kon Garat. Riding motorcycles also satisfies that passion back on Earth (7.08 "Space Race").

She's able to dress up for a night on the town and is a good dancer when properly motivated (7.15 "Chimera").

Sam also enjoys various movies. She has professed that Singin' in the Rain is one of her favorite movies (7.15 "Chimera"). She also enjoyed nit picking where science fiction movies got things wrong in a conversation with Daniel (7.04 "Orpheus").

She always wanted to learn how to play the cello (10.20 "Unending").

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