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Sabrina Gosling


Sabrina Gosling is the niece of the late Dr. Catherine Langford. (8.19 "Moebius Part 1")

Character Biography

Sabrina Gosling administered Dr. Catherine Langford's estate after her death. Sabrina asked that Daniel Jackson speak at Catherine's graveside and finally met him in person after the ceremony was completed. Sabrina gave Daniel the Eye of Ra necklace which Catherine had worn ever since she discovered it at the dig site where the Stargate was uncovered in Giza in 1928. The necklace has significant value to Daniel, but he was hesitant to take it, thinking that it should remain in Catherine's family. Sabrina told him that Catherine thought of him as a son and he accepted the gift graciously.

Sabrina arranged to have the remaining "odds and ends" of Catherine's archaeological collection sent to Daniel at the SGC base. It was a future version of Daniel who discovered the existence of a Zero Point Module (ZPM) in Ancient Egypt of 3000 B.C. in one of the books in the collection and who pursuaded Gen. Jack O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 to take an Ancient timeship back to that time to retrieve it.

Because Sabrina was represented in a story about SG-1's future, it might be argued that Catherine didn't die, that Sabrina and Daniel didn't meet, and that Daniel didn't receive the necklace or the inheritance. However, most probably the only difference in this future timeline and that of the SG-1 we see in the series is that SG-1 didn't need to travel back in time to retrieve the ZPM, but its existence is still documented in the book he inherited after Catherine's death.


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