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F-302 Pilot Redmond


Redmond was one of the F-302 pilots who fought in the battle over Antarctica against Anubis's al'kesh and death gliders. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

Character Biography

F-302 pilot Redmond was surprised that his squadron's orders were changed to go to Antarctica versus engaging Anubis's ships in space, but was soon convinced by his squadron leader, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, just how important the mission was to protect SG-1 as they attempted to gain access to the Ancient Outpost which was buried in a mile of ice. As the Prometheus hovered protectively over SG-1's cargo ship, the F-302 pilots fought with courage and skill against al'kesh and death gliders. Redmond downed a death glider which was on Mitchell's tail seconds before he and his co-pilot were killed when their F-302 was destroyed by enemy fire.


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