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Parey of Bedrosia


Parey was an officer in the Bedrosian military and was introduced in the episode, 3.19 "New Ground".

Character Biography

Parey was second-in-command to Rigar. She performed DNA testing on Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter, and Dr. Daniel Jackson when they were captured near the Stargate. Her people believed that the god Nefertum had created humans on their planet, but a rival continent, Optrica, fought for the belief that their ancestors were brought through the Gateway, or Stargate. An archaeologist named Nyan discovered the Stargate a few minutes before SG-1 contacted him and gave them permission to visit. Parey's beliefs were challenged as she watched Rigar interrogate the prisoners. Whether or not she turned from her beliefs after SG-1 and Nyan escaped is not known. (3.19 "New Ground")


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