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Nya of Simarka


Nya was the daughter of the powerful chieftain, Turghan, of the Shavadai people of the planet Simarka, and was introduced in the episode, 1.04 "Emancipation".

Character Biography

She was destined to marry Chimakka, a desert warlord, but her heart was with Abu, the son of one of her father's rivals, Moughal. When SG-1 visited Simarka, they were immediately put right in the middle of a family feud. Abu kidnapped Carter to trade her for Nya, but Turghan gave Abu three hundred weights of gold instead. Abu's plans backfired and it was up to his father, Moughal, and the rest of SG-1 to retrieve Carter before she was treated as a female possession. Carter helped Nya escape so that she could be with Abu, but they were caught and Nya was sentenced to death by stoning for disobeying the law. Although Turghan forgave his daughter for the crime, he still insisted on carrying out the sentence because he had to rule by example. Moughal was able to remember old laws which would allow Carter to challenge Turghal as a chieftain of her people (SG-1). After Carter was recognized as her tribal leader, Turghan agreed to fight her to the death in hand-to-hand combat. Carter had been trained and she soon got the upper hand, holding a knife at Turghan's throat. She asked that he free Nya to marry Abu, that there be no war among the Shavadai, and that the Shavadai women be free. Abu and Nya are assumed to be married now, following a six-day celebration.


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