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Naytha of Edora


Naytha is a native of the planet Edora which was hit by a catastrophic meteor shower during SG-1's visit. (3.17 "A Hundred Days")

Character Biography

Naytha was betrothed to Garren, son of the widow Laira, who had developed an intimate relationship with Col. Jack O'Neill after he was trapped on the planet after a meteor struck and buried the Stargate. Naytha and Garren had gone with Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c on a geological field trip to caves where Daniel could study the strata and determine how often the meteors impacted the planet. When Daniel showed them evidence that their ancestors had taken refuge in the caves during the previous meteor shower of 150 years ago, Naytha and Garren immediately sought shelter there when the meteors began to hit the planet. Jack was stuck on the planet because he had gone after them during the evacuation. Eventually, SG-1 was reunited as well as those Edorans who had been evacuated before the Stargate was buried. (3.17 "A Hundred Days")


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