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Dr. Myers


Myers was the lead entomologist at the Gamma Site. He studied the insects he designated R75 after they started destroying crops on planets recently visited by Priors. He discovered their dietary habits changed from herbivorous to carnivorous soon before they threatened to breach containment. Though he temporarily succeeded in containing the scourge, he became victim to the bugs when one bit him and implanted him with its eggs. Myers was the first casualty of the scourge that destroyed the Gamma Site.

Character Biography

Myers was the lead entomologist working at the offworld Gamma Site. When representatives from the International Oversight Advisory (IOA) visited the facility, he explained his latest study, working with a new strain of insects (R75) that were destroying crops on planets recently visited by the Priors.

Myers became curious when the insects did not appear interested in the plant food he provided to them, so he decided to experiment with a piece of meatloaf from his lunch. To his surprise, he insects pounced on the meat. Myers was called away to help a colleague, Santiago, with a mealworm experiment. When he and Pullman returned to the lab containing R75, they discovered the new food had created an exponential growth cycle in the bugs and the multitude was breaching containment.

Myers and Pullman immediately hit the biohazard alarm, believing they had sealed the chamber and disposed of the bugs. However, one escaped and bit Myers on the arm. He did not know it at the time, but the insect had implanted its eggs into the scientist. Myers later collapsed in front of the IOA tour group. The insects were devouring him from the inside and quickly reproducing exponentially. Unaware of the gravity of his condition, Col. Pearson ordered him sealed in a quarantine rescue chamber for return to Earth. Before the wormhole could engage, the insects finally proved too many to remain in Myers's body. They escaped his corpse and overran the Gamma site.


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