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Mallin of Bedrosia


Mallin was an archaeologist from Bedrosia and was introduced in the episode, 3.19 "New Ground".

Character Biography

Mallin was with her associate, Nyan, when the Stargate on their planet was uncovered. When SG-1 asked that they come and visit, through communications through the MALP, Mallin felt that it was a deception set up by their rival continent, Optrica. The Bedrosians believed that their god Nefertum created humans on their planet while the Optricans believed that their ancestors were brought through the Gateway, or Stargate. Mallin contacted the Bedrosian military and the commander of the troops, Rigar, stopped her from telling her story in front of him and his soldiers. Because Rigar was planning to kill the members of SG-1 after he obtained intelligence on how they got there, it is very possible something drastic was done to Mallin to keep her quiet about the incident, although we were left believing that she was merely returned to the military base for further questioning. (3.19 "New Ground")


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