Lt. Evans

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Alternate Character: Nurse Lt. Evans on the medical staff at the SGC in 8.03 "Lockdown"

Lt. Evans


Lt. Evans was the leader of the medical hazmat team which was sent by Col. Emerson of the Odyssey to determine the means by which thousands of humans were killed instantly on a planet which had just converted to Origin. The Odyssey had detected an energy wave which originated from the Stargate, and after examining the village near the Ori warship which had landed there, Lt. Evans concluded that the wave attacked only living tissue, leaving everything else, such as clothing, behind. Even the Ori's soldiers and Priors were killed. Based on her analysis, SG-1 realized that they knew of only one device which could do such a thing — the weapon on Dakara which was used to destroy the Replicators and was in the hands of the Free Jaffa Nation. (10.07 "Counterstrike")


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