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Lourdes Maylay


Lourdes Maylay was the assistant hostage negotiator on the planet P4M-328 where SG-1 was mistaken for hostage-taking rebels. (10.16 "Bad Guys")

Character Biography

SG-1 was in search of the alleged treasure of riches and weapons left behind by the Ancients before they ascended, based on the legend of the Clava Thessara Infinitas, the "Key to Infinite Treasure". Daniel had access to the Goa'uld Athena's research into the possible code to the tablet that revealed the Stargate address of the treasure's location. Using her research, Daniel suggested going to P4M-328.

Once they arrived, they realized that they were in a museum and that the DHD on display with the Stargate was a fake. Unfortunately, they were discovered by the people who were attending a party in the building. Seeing that they carried weapons, the partygoers immediately believed that SG-1 was a team of rebels. A firefight caused the museum to go into lockdown and not all of the party guests were able to escape before the exits were barred.

During the firefight, one of the government security personnel assigned to escort the Viceroy and Chancellors of their government was injured. Daniel wanted to help the man, and after being convinced by his teammates that they should pose as the rebels they were thought to be in order to buy about six hours for Landry's check-in, he requested that Lourdes Maylay, the hostage negotiator, send in medical personnel to remove him for treatment. The police sent some of their own undercover, posing as medical technicians, and attempted to take out the perceived leader of the rebel group, Daniel, by using a weapon that discharged an electrical charge upon contact.

This action only made Mitchell angry and upset. Eventually, Maylay was replaced by the chief hostage negotiator, Quartus. Maylay reported to Quartus during the remaining police operation to free the hostages. Quartus, on order from the Viceroy, raided the building and surrounded SG-1 right at the moment they were about to return home through the Stargate that Mitchell and Vala powered with a Goa'uld naquadah bomb that they found on display in the museum. Quartus let SG-1 go home and soon thereafter, he invented a cover story about hostage-taking rebels and had the Stargate buried. Apparently, the planet was not yet ready to deal with existence of alien life.


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