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Loran was an orphan boy discovered to be the sole inhabitant on P4X-347, and was introduced in the episode, 4.18 "The Light".

Character Biography

Loran's parents died from their addiction to the effects of a device in a Goa'uld pleasure palace on the planet P4X-347. Although he was not originally from this world, he was the world's only inhabitant for quite some time when SG-1 discovered him. He took an interest in the members of SG-1 and bonded quickly with Jack. He gave Teal'c a play phaser gun as a birthday present. He also spent time with Daniel as he studied the inscriptions of the palace and took Daniel's picture with his digital camera to go along with the picture he had of his parents and himself. SG-1 had to stay on the planet to break from the addiction and after their successful treatment, they took Loran home with them.

We are never given any further information on what happened to Loran after he returned to Earth with SG-1.


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