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Keel of the Volians


Keel's Volian parents died when he was a child and he was raised by members of the alien race known as the Aschen. The Aschen had taken Keel's homeworld into their protection and converted the planet from a highly industrialized society to an agricultural one. Daniel and Teal'c interviewed Keel in order to determine the Aschen's motivations in the episode, 5.10 "2001". During the interview, Keel asked them to help him remove some "iron root" from part of his farm. The "iron root" turned out to be part of the support structure of a building and Daniel and Teal'c learned that Keel's farm was built on top of an old Volian city. As far as Keel could remember, the farming way of life was the only kind on his planet. He felt that the Aschen were good people and left him alone for the most part, except when it came time to harvest his crops. The fate of Keel and other Volians was not addressed after SG-1 discovered the Aschen's murderous ulterior motives.


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