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Ambassador Joe Faxon


Joe Faxon was appointed as Earth's ambassador to conduct negotiations with the advanced alien race known as the Aschen. When he and Maj. Samantha Carter were on the Volian homeworld, they discovered that the Aschen intended to send a biological weapon to Earth via the stargate because they had discovered the Aschen conquer worlds by causing infertility of the habitants. Faxon fought off the Aschen representatives while Carter preceded the weapon in the wormhole to inform the SGC of the Aschen's intention. He is most likely dead because he was left behind during the struggle, in the episode, 5.10 "2001". Faxon was introduced in the episode, 4.16 "2010" as the husband of Samantha Carter in a possible future timeline in which Earth had become a member of the Aschen Confederation.


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