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Jack has an amazing range of vocalizations for his favorite phrases, from casual to sincere to purely sarcastic. You have to hear him to know which meaning he's intending to impart.

When frustrated: "Oh, for cryin' out loud."

When pleased: "Sweet," "Peachy," "Nice," or "Excellent," though these are sometimes used sarcastically.

When impatient: "Ya think?"

When agreeing: "Ya sure you betcha."

When addressing his teammates: "kids" or "campers."

When noting a lack of progress: "That went well."

When affirming: "It's what we do."

When questioned: "I'm just sayin'..."

When surprised, in a bad way: "Crap!"

When fed up: "Now what?!"

When trying to cheer the team: "We've been in worse situations than this."

When unable to cheer the team: "I got nothing."

When cajoling: "Way smarter than (you, us)."

When sensing doom: "Work faster!" and "Time for Plan B."

When encouraging: "Piece of cake," though this can also be used sarcastically.

When impressed: "Cool."

When not wanting to get involved: "This concerns us how?" and "Not our problem."

When the other shoe has dropped: "Oy," or, in tribute to The Simpsons, "D'oh!"

When referring to something large: "Big and honkin'."

When noticing something the Tau'ri do better than their more advanced alien friends: "Ours is bigger."

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